By Dave Buffington

Believe it or not, it is possible to have two thoughts at the same time.

You can like steak.

And sushi.

You can enjoy Citizen Kane.

And The Avengers.

Likewise, it’s possible to have multiple thoughts on the many issues of the day.

You can hold a door open for a woman.

And still believe in equal pay for equal work.

Me? I’m tough on crime.

And opposed to the death penalty.

I just don’t want the government to have the power to kill me if it decides it doesn’t like me.

Which could happen in about six paragraphs.

Meanwhile, I fully understand that police brutality is a real problem that must be addressed. The police, after all, need the trust and cooperation of the citizenry to do their jobs effectively.

At the same time, I think ex-NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick went way over the top when he wore socks depicting cops as pigs. Pigs, after all, are raised to be killed, and so, Kaepernick was suggesting the killing of the people he expects to protect him from killers.

And if he doesn’t understand that, he’s both stupid and rude.

Then again, who’s surprised? Kaepernick is the same nitwit who wore a T-shirt honoring Fidel Castro, a murderous dictator who kept 11 million people imprisoned and impoverished for 50 years.

But Kaepernick is still a better quarterback than Brian Hoyer, Scott Tolzien, Case Keenum, and Josh McCown … all of whom started for NFL teams this season.

These are viewpoints that can’t be painted with a black-and-white palette.

But it’s hard to see shades of gray when there are political bomb throwers, like President Trump, and media flamethrowers, like ESPN’s Jemele Hill, lighting up the sky.

If you didn’t know, Hill recently called Trump a “white supremacist” and then went on to tar all 62 million people who voted for Trump as closet racists by saying, “The height of white privilege is being able to ignore his white supremacy, because it’s of no threat to you.”

Well, Hill didn’t manage to tar all 62 million. An estimated 1.3 million blacks voted for Trump over Clinton.

How’s that for gray?

Me? I want to see the gray. In fact, I want to see all the colors.

So I’m ignoring those who would blind me. I don’t listen to Rush. I don’t watch Rachel. I’m not reading Hillary’s book, and I don’t care what Donald tweets. (Heck, he’s likely to switch positions tomorrow anyhow.)

And I pay no attention to what any actor or athlete says about anything.

I keep my eyes wide open.

And I see a Technicolor world.

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