DUI Homicide Charges Filed

In Menis-Croxall Case

DUI homicide charges have been filed against a Hershey man, Nicholas Rivera, in the traffic death of Norma Menis-Croxall, an executive at The Hershey Company. (The DUI connection to the case was revealed in the March 17 issue of The Sun.)

Rivera was charged and pled guilty to DUI and careless driving in 2003. He was sentenced to 48 hours in prison and 24 months in intermediate punishment, a program designed to treat offenders convicted of drug-related offenses.

Rivera was arraigned on the accident charges April 7. A preliminary hearing has been set for April 15.

Here is the full text of the Derry Township Police Department statement:

The Derry Township Police Department has charged 36 year old Nicholas E. Rivera, of Hershey, with DUI Homicide By Vehicle, Homicide By Vehicle, 4 counts of DUI, Reckless Endangerment, Possession Of An Offensive Weapon, Reckless Driving, Careless Driving, Driving Vehicle At Safe Speed, and Driving On Roadways Laned For Traffic.

The charges stem from a 3-vehicle accident occurring on 03/11/2011, at 1826 hours on Hersheypark Dr., just west of Clearwater Rd. Rivera’s vehicle initially struck a vehicle operated by a 31-year-old woman from Jonestown. Rivera’s vehicle then struck a second vehicle operated by Norma Menis-Croxall, age 47, of Hummelstown.

Rivera and the 31-year-old Jonestown woman were transported to the Hershey Medical Center where they were treated for their injuries and released. Menis-Croxall was pronounced dead at the scene by the Dauphin County Coroner’s office. Rivera was arraigned on the charges on 04/07/2011, and was released after posting $ 10,000.00 bail.

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