Rule 18

By Dave Buffington

If you hadn’t noticed, there was an election on Tuesday, and not surprisingly …

Some people lost.

Some of them lost because they ran bad campaigns.

Some of them lost because they had bad ideas.

Some of them lost because they had bad timing.

Some of them lost because they’re just bad people.

But despite all of that badness, I like those people, or, at least, I respect them.

I used to be involved in politics. In 1968, my mom had me marching through the local strip mall wearing a sandwich sign for Nixon. For more than a decade, I covered state politics as a reporter and editor. I know how difficult it is to run and work and spend and fight and knock on doors …

And lose.

That’s why we have Rule 18.

Rule 18? It’s simple …

The people who do get tired of hearing from the people who don’t.

And right now, I’m tired of hearing from all the people who feel passionately about their politics but don’t have the balls to turn that passion into action.

I’m tired of the Trump haters who keep texting me about whatever outrage the president has committed this morning.

I’m tired of the Trump lovers who keep sending me emails with memes about Benghazi and Pelosi.

I’m tired of the alt-Righters who spend all night watching Fox News in their underwear and all day collecting a government paycheck in Harrisburg.

I’m tired of the “resistance” fighters who call me about all the wonderful things their “Indivisibles” group is going to do as soon as they stop feuding with all the other “Indivisibles” groups.

And I’m truly sick and tired of all the doctors, lawyers and other well-heeled professionals who’ve gone on to me about how dangerous Trump is, but didn’t have the guts to put a Hillary sign in their yard.

“Bad for business.”

No, bad on you.

But wait, redemption is possible.

Locally, most of this year’s races were decided in Tuesday’s primary, but there are still a few opportunities to get involved.

And 2018 is going to be a massive election year, with all sorts of races becoming de facto referendums on the Trump presidency. There will be races for the state House, state Senate, U.S. Congress, U.S. Senate and governor.

Get out of the chat rooms. Don’t waste your time in town hall shout fests. Get involved in a campaign as a volunteer, as a contributor or simply as someone who has the courage to put a sign in their yard. You don’t have to be a candidate.

But that would be great.

Either way, be a person who does.

Not a useless, gutless whiner who doesn’t.

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