Religious Writ

By Dr. Norman C. Marks
Mountain View Bible Church

The twenty-third Psalm is one of King David’s Psalms. It falls between Psalm 22 and 24. Psalm 22 reveals Jesus Christ as the Good Shepherd, who gives His life for the sheep. Psalm 22 has to do with the Shepherd’s position of attending sheep who are helpless when it comes to attacks from wild creatures, which desire to destroy sheep. Sheep stray, they are often too unaware of how to escape devastation. Yea they are rarely aware of escaping for their own good, or of retaliating when attacked. The safety (salvation) of the sheep is always the shepherd’s concern.

Psalm 23 is about the good shepherd (Christ) who proves to the sheep that their salvation from destruction is their instant, constant, and trustworthy source of safety. Psalm 23 teaches us that we have only one who is our Shepherd. We, His sheep, stay near Him and must cry out to Him when Satan attacks us. Satan depends on striking slyly where they feed, rest, or are alone. The Good Shepherd has a long wooden crook to beat away the destroyer. The Good Shepherd uses the crook to pull the endangered sheep to his strong arm and shoulder, to safety. Many a child of God has been rescued from Satan’s attacks, and coming away to future sure respite.

Psalm 24 teaches us that we, like sheep, must esteem our Savior as the only source of Lordship. The Good Shepherd is Lord of all for His sheep, or He is not Lord at all. John 10:1- 18 is a warning Jesus gave to His countrymen; and to all mankind, that there is but one Shepherd Who is Savior, Shepherd and Sovereign over His eternal Father’s care of the souls of His sheep. Please read it and Psalms 22, 23, 24. ‘Twill be worth your time.

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