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Duke Street and Hoernerstown Road, Aug. 28 
Photo: Drew Weidman. Duke Street and Hoernerstown Road, Aug. 28 Photo: Drew Weidman. When you write a “Letter to the Editor” to The Sun, do the people in power notice?


In last week’s issue, we reported on an accident at the intersection of Duke Street and Hoernerstown Road in South Hanover Township, just north of the new Duke Street Bridge.

That was followed by this letter …

Remember about 4 months ago residents were so thrilled that the Duke St. bridge was finally going to reopen?

Well, there will soon be another celebration of sorts, and it will be of life when someone or multiple people are killed at the intersection with Hoernerstown Rd.

People are running stop signs and when you are one of the smart ones and do stop, you can’t see from the east. You see the sight distance is minimal at best, because of the design and some idiot decided trees were needed, too.

Brittany’s Hope 5KPhoto: Nathan Desch Photography. Brittany’s Hope 5K
Photo: Nathan Desch Photography.
Everyone is at risk. School buses are on the road now. It won’t be long before there are icy conditions so if something isn’t done there is sure to be injury or death. There is enough worry because school buses don’t have seat belts. Now we have an intersection in the area that is a sure deathtrap!! Do something now before it’s too late, or there will be loss of life.

Jill Blough

We relayed the letter to Dauphin County officials. (Why? Because the bridge is owned by the county.) County officials responded within minutes, leading to this result …

In light of last week’s accident along N. Duke St., we followed up with HRG, the county’s engineer, to see what improvements can be made. Several new features are being proposed to PennDOT to enhance safety at the intersection. These options include an advanced stop notice, additional pavement stripping/stop bar, and tree removal.

Thank you, again, for sharing these concerns with us.

Amy Richards Harinath
Press Secretary, Dauphin County

Also, we’ve received several questions about the new construction on Old West Chocolate Avenue near the Hershey VFW.

The land is owned by The Hershey Company, and so, we asked the company for a report …

We are beginning construction of a new waste water treatment facility to treat waste from our West Hershey, Reese, and Technical Center operations. The Hershey Company is fully funding the construction of this state-of-the-art treatment plant that also uses a biogas system to produce heat and power, producing about 90 percent of its own electricity needs, significantly reducing environmental risk and process odors for the surrounding community.

The modern new treatment facility will replace the old facility on Hockersville Road, which is more than 100 years old, and will be more efficient than the old, outdated plant. The new plant also moves our current waste water treatment facility out of a flood zone and removes the potential for lost production days if heavy rains cause flooding in the area.

Hershey has always been committed to thoroughly treating our waste water before pumping into the township’s waste water system to ensure our manufacturing operations do not put a strain on the township’s waste water system. This new plant continues that commitment.

Jeff Beckman
The Hershey Company

Meanwhile, back at the car/cycle conflict …

The unfortunate cycling incident on Colebrook Road on July 22 is an opportunity for the cycling community to educate motorists and cyclists regarding the law and rules of the road pertaining to cyclists.

I ride 20 plus miles a day, every day weather permitting, year round.

That’s nearly 7,000 miles a year, all on the roads of central Pennsylvania - much of it in “Sun Country” - every day without incident. No one tries to run me over, and no one yells or threatens me.

Nevertheless, almost daily I witness motorists violating the law regarding sharing the road with cyclists. Motorists cut me off, pull into my path, etc.

In most cases I do not see this as an intentional act of a motorist seeking to harm a cyclist. I chalk it up to ignorance of the law. I also think many motorists don’t see cyclists because they are not in the habit of looking for them.

I also see many instances of distracted drivers paying more attention to their devices than to the road. Distracted drivers pose a far greater risk to cyclists than being run over by a motorist with sociopathic tendencies.

We need more cyclists on the road, not less. The more interaction between motorists and cyclists on the road, the more likely that motorists get into the habit of looking for cyclists on the road.

You refer to “progress” as an outcome where competing claims are won by one side, and lost by the other.

To me, progress is two disputing parties engaging in civil discourse to further communication and education. That is progress we should embrace, not just regarding drivers and cyclists, but regarding the many more serious problems that confront us all over the nation and world.

We have enough real wars to worry about.

Dan Miller

Indeed, there is hope …

Brittany’s Hope is an Elizabethtown based nonprofit with a mission to help abandoned children thrive by bringing them home to loving families and building programs that provide holistic, loving care in Viet Nam, Ethiopia and Kenya. This year, we are celebrating a remarkable milestone of helping connect more than 1,000 children with special needs from 34 countries to loving families here in the United States. To learn more about the work of Brittany’s Hope visit www.Brittanyshope.org.

We are hosting our 13th annual Walk of Love Cross Country 5K & Fun Walk on September 16th at the Ironstone Ranch in Elizabethtown. The spirit of the event is to rally the community together around the orphan crisis and celebrate the gift of adoption. Our family friendly event will include a competitive cross country 5k, fun walk, pony rides, games and activities, great raffle prizes, inflatable obstacle course for children and food. Participants will also have the opportunity to see the progress of the iconic Star Barn. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to caring for children.

To register, interested individual may visit www.walkoflove.org. Use discount code “SUN15” to receive

15% off preregistration.
Mai-Lynn Abel Sahd, MSW
Brittany’s Hope, Executive Director
Adoptee, Viet Nam 1995

As always, please remember our rules for letters to the editor: Keep it local. Keep it civil. And keep it short.

Then send it to news@thesunontheweb.com or The Sun, 18 E. Main St., Hummelstown PA 17036.

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