Cross Country Wrap: Hershey Finishes Strong at Gettysburg Invitational

Andi Demko at Gettysburg Invitational. Photo: Robert Sterner.Andi Demko at Gettysburg Invitational. Photo: Robert Sterner.

By Emily Horn    

    On Saturday, Oct. 7, Hershey closed out its season at the Gettysburg Invitational, where its girls won with 66 points.

    Placing for the Trojans were Andi Demko (2nd – 18:50), Faith Mark (3rd – 19:13), Katie Jones (18th – 19:51), Olivia Wilson (19th – 19:51), Brooke Geyer (25th – 20:15), Grace Murray (36th – 20:30) and Katie Ceneviva (82nd – 21:45).

    Both Demko and Mark were medalists.

    “The girls ran well as a team. Faith getting third showed a lot of heart, that was a difference maker. Brooke also finishing 25th was big,” Hershey coach Al Fricke said. “The fifth runner is very important in an invitational like this. The girls are having a great time and really enjoy being with each other. It shows in their performance.”

    The boys finished in fifth place with 171 points. Finishers were Andrew Sullivan (7th - 16:28), Casey Sisco (23rd – 17:08), Ethan Rogers (32nd – 17:17), Luke Sheppard (52nd – 17:40), Kohen Stover (76th – 17:54), Brendan Shea (77th – 17:55) and Tommy Johnson (92nd – 18:06). Sullivan was a medalist for the Trojan boys.

Mid Penns

     Palmyra, Lower Dauphin and Hershey will all be running on Saturday, Oct. 14 at the Mid-Penn Conference Invitational held at Big Spring High School.

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