Tröegs Independent Brewery

Hops With Hope

Sunday - Wednesday: 11 a.m.-9 p.m.
Thursday - Saturday: 11 a.m.-10 p.m.

Vibe: OK, guys, this is it. We’ve pulled out the big guns. We’re at Tröegs! It’s like craft beer royalty in central Pennsylvania. Their craft beers – specifically their IPAs - are legendary and sought after. People hoard cases of Nugget Nectar and Mad Elf. It just has this aura of grandeur and you feel like you’re walking into a palace (of good beer) when you walk inside the brewery. With that being said, Tröegs holds a very special place in my heart. It was the first brewery I ever visited. It was the first place I ordered a craft beer. It was the first place I tried an IPA. It was the first place where I learned what an IPA was. Needless to say, I will always love Tröegs. Forget Chocolate World and The Outlets (even though I love them), it’s one of the first places I think of visiting when I have out-of-town friends come to see me. It’s just a part of the 717 and I feel proud to have it in Sun Country.

While it’s a major player in Pa.’s craft beer scene, the brewery is relatively simple. Its long cafeteria-style benches and cozy dining booths are both intimate yet casual and you feel lucky and privileged to score a seat inside the tasting room. There’s no music or fancy special effects, but the camaraderie and chatter that fills the dining area is a great soundtrack. For being so well-known, it’s relaxed and chill. It’s like Jennifer Lawrence (or Bruce Springsteen to be more relatable), it’s a super-celeb but still has the girl-next-door feeling.

Tröegs does have a few tables outside, but the real gem is the new biergarten. Complete with a food truck, the new space is a perfect place to enjoy a Dreamweaver or Perpetual IPA while the weather is nice. Plus, it’s dog friendly. I know I say there is nothing better than live music and beer, but I lied. There is nothing better than live music and dogs. You’ll also want to visit with an appetite. The snack bar is awesome, and the grilled cheese is to die for. You could probably eat it for a week and still have leftovers for work the next Monday. Seriously, the food is great. Definitely factor a snack or two into your visit!

My favorite: While we all know I love the wheat and fruity beers, I’ll surprise everyone and say I’m really digging this hop cycle’s Nimble Giant. It’s a double IPA so it’s fairly smooth and packs a punch without being too bitter. Plus, it’s 9 percent so you’ll get a lot out of just one beer! Definitely grab a few (to enjoy responsibly) before they take it off the tap. Even if you miss Nimble Giant or if it’s not your cup of tea (or your brew), Tröegs has a solid menu of staples and a great scratch menu that is sure to offer something for all beer lovers.

What’s on tap:

Perpetual IPA (7.5 ABV)
Troegnator Double Bock (8.2 ABV)
Sunshine Pils (4.5 ABV)
HopBack Amber Ale (6.0 ABV)
DreamWeaver Wheat (4.8 ABV)
Solid Sender Ale (5.2 ABV)
JavaHead Stout (7.5 ABV)
Nitro Chocolate Stout (7.1 ABV)
When in Doubt Lager (4.3 ABV)
Crimson Pistil Hibiscus IPA (6.2 ABV)
Nimble Giant (9.0 ABV)
Naked Elf (6.9 ABV)
Apple Farmhouse Ale (5.7 ABV)
Dry Hopped Pilsner - Cardinal Hops (5.3 ABV)
Oat IPA (7.9 ABV)
DDH Pale Ale (5.0 ABV)
Boysenberry Gose (4.5 ABV)
Dry Hopped Pilsner #2 (4.5 ABV)
Witbier (5.2 ABV)

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