How many Trash cans?

By Myla Merkel

In E-town … 

Residents of Elizabethtown Borough were talking trash at the Thursday, Sept. 6, meeting; regarding a proposed ordinance that would allow households to put out three trash cans per week while paying $2 a tag for each additional can beyond the current one can.

According to the borough, the change comes in reaction to the Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority cutting back on what it will accept for recycling. Residents will no longer be able to recycle items such as newspapers, egg cartons and cereal boxes, leading to more items going into trash collection.

Elizabethtown resident Stan Daubert said, “I’m here representing myself and my neighbors. We would all like to see the situation stay as it is with the one container. We believe if there is going to be a cost increase, and there would surely be a cost increase for three containers versus one, we would choose to stick with the one.”

Council President J. Marc Hershey said the borough received several written concerns from residents and half of those comments were people “misunderstanding” the penalty section of the ordinance.

Borough Manager Roni Ryan said, “I think there has been a misunderstanding on social media about the penalty section of the ordinance. Our borough code ordinance already has penalty sections and if someone is repeatedly putting out too much trash, and that has been a problem for us, we do send out penalties or fines already.”

Hershey said, “There are some residences that are going to be very happy to go to three and some who would like to stay with just the one or two so it’s just us trying to balance and see what is going to serve the greatest majority of the residence of our community.”

Council members voted to reject the proposed threecan ordinance while looking into possible alternatives for a two-can compromise. The new proposed ordinance would have to be re-advertised and voted on at the next borough meeting Thursday, Sept. 20.

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