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New York Yankees (48-22) at Tampa Bay (34-39)
Three-game series begins June 22
Courtney’s prediction: New York wins series 3-0
Klick-Lewis’ prediction: Yankees win series 2-1
The Rays have just been sorta vanilla this season and
don’t really give me anything to get excited about.
They’ve gone 5-5 over their last 10 and have gone 0-4
against the Bronx Bombers this season. I don’t see any
reason for them to make any noise in this series.
Seattle (46-27) at Boston (49-25)
Three-game series begins June 22
Courtney’s prediction: Boston wins series 2-1
Klick-Lewis’ prediction: Boston wins series 2-1
No, this isn’t a replay from last week, these two
teams play one another again for a three-game set
in Boston. And after successfully predicting a 2-2
split last week, I’m gonna tackle this series again.
My heart is telling me Seattle, but my mind is tell-ing
me Boston. Unlike the Pittsburgh series, I’m
going with my head.
Arizona (40-33) at Pittsburgh (36-37)
Four-game series begins June 21
Courtney’s prediction: Pittsburgh wins series 3-1
Klick-Lewis’ prediction: Series split 2-2
I’m tired of everyone dumping on the Pirates. Sure
they went from stellar to mediocre in a matter of a
month, but that doesn’t mean they can’t turn things
around, right? The D’backs are a good club and the
odds aren’t necessarily in the Bucco’s favor, but I
think things start to go their way in this series.
Philadelphia (38-33) at Washington (39-32)
Three-game series begins June 22
Courtney’s prediction: Washington wins series 2-1
Klick-Lewis’ prediction: Philadelphia wins series 2-1
On paper, these teams are pretty much even and are
both chasing the Bravos in the NL East. The Phils
have looked a lot better over the last 10 games,
while the Nats have not. However, with the ac-quisition
of a new closer in Kelvin Herrera, who’s
been lights out, I give Washington the edge.
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