Religious Writ

One Barna Group survey noted more than ten years ago that Americans no longer seem to believe that the devil is a living entity. According to the survey 62% of those surveyed feel that Satan is a mere symbol of evil. When less than one in three Americans dismiss Satan as a mere symbol then the nation’s religious culture has […]

From Where I Sit

It’s Monday, Oct. 18, and I’m trying to get back on schedule after spending Friday, the 15th, through this morning in Broomall with daughter Tracy, son-in-law Rob and granddaughters Kyleigh Rose and Chloe Valeria for one of those do-nothing-but-goof-off weekends. Headed out Friday afternoon early enough to catch dinner at what has become a favorite restaurant in Exton – the […]

Notes from the Mayor

As I have previously stated, Fall is a busy time here in Hummelstown. This past Saturday night, Barbara and I were privileged to be part of the annual Miss Hummelstown Dinner held at L.D. Middle School. Emma Mari Kiessling was crowned Miss Hummelstown after writing an essay and being interviewed by the panel of judges earlier in the day. (Thank […]

Shine a Light

Essays from our readers

I would like to offer a counter Case For the Gas Tax, to Richard Druby’s “The Case Against the Gas Tax.” Therein he states, “about 81%, goes into the coffers of the General Fund” But Section 1528, subsections A and B of the enabling legislation, Senate Bill (SB) 1155 specifically states that, after an initial lump sum, only 40% goes […]

Piccola’s Report

As a State Senator, it is my priority to get our youth involved in the political process. To help encourage and facilitate this process, I recently hosted my 15th annual Student Government Seminar for approximately 160 students from high schools in my Senatorial District. This event is an opportunity for our area students from Central Pennsylvania to get a glimpse […]

Castaway Critter of the Week

Miss Hummelstown Winners Named

Emma Kiessling was named the winner of the 2011 Miss Hummelstown competition at the 36th an­nual crowning ceremony held at Lower Dauphin Mid­dle School on Oct. 23 and sponsored by the Hummel­stown Community Founda­tion.   Other winners includ­ed: First runner-up – Kelley Gourley Second runner-up – Lia Schmittel Third runner-up – Sa­mantha Zeiders Miss Congeniality – Lauren Gerhart Jerry Kling […]

74 Eagle Scouts

Run for the Ribbon

Palmdale Project Approved

At Derry Supers

The Derry Township Board of Supervisors granted approval to developer Dan Sheffey to build a two-story office building on East Chocolate Avenue during its Monday, Oct. 25, meeting. Sheffey told the board he’s not sure what businesses will occupy the proposed 6,760 square-foot building at the corner of Howard Avenue and SR 422. Sheffey said he will demolish four existing […]