Safe and Warm

Bow Wow BOLO to Help Find Lost Pets

Over the past month, two dogs have been lost in Sun Country. One story ended happily, while the other ended tragically. Together, the two incidents have prompted a new initia­tive at The Sun – the “Bow Wow BOLO.” “BOLO” stands for “be on the lookout,” and when a pet is lost, we’ll use all our resources – our printed paper, […]

A Hole in The Basin

At DTSD Campus

Several holes, including one large enough to hold sev­eral people (above), have appeared in the bank of the new retention basin built a year ago on the Derry Township School District campus. Residents of the area reported the holes to The Sun, and Derry Township School District spokesperson Dan Tredin­nick told The Sun the structure is still safe and the […]

All the Tostitos Eppie

Hershey Man Had

The moment played out like the final scene of a mov­ie. With two seconds left in the game, the score tied, and the BCS National Championship on the line, Auburn’s place kicker trotted out onto the field. As he lined up his kick, ABC’s play-by-play man Brent Musberger summed up the gravity of the moment with the line, “This is […]

Winters Service Set for March 19

A memorial service to celebrate the life of Major Richard Davis Winters will be held Saturday, March 19, at Hershey Theatre at 2 p.m. Winters, who passed away Jan. 2, led Company E – “Easy Company” – 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division, whose ex­periences were chronicled in the HBO mini-series “Band of Brothers.” There is no […]

From Where I Sit

It was kind of a bad week all around, with the loss of friends Ken Staver and “Chick” Rice, both decorated World War II veterans, and word received from subscriber Helen McAuciv of Scranton of the death of Ed Mauser, the oldest member of late friend Dick Winters’ Easy Company, 506th Airborne, in Nebraska. Mauser, who shunned the limelight and […]

Letters to the Editor

Our readers have been busy writing this week, but still, the most important letter is likely the shortest… Take a look at the attachment (above right). This is what keeps me going out here. I carry this letter with me everywhere. It was a random letter that was sent to the ship and somehow ended up on my rack, it’s […]

Dumb Stuff Redux

Back in our Feb. 17 issue, I talked to our younger readers about the “stupid s&*t” they do and the career-killing consequences, and not surprisingly, Kemer Stevenson, our man in Hollywood, has an opposing view… As part of your younger audience, as well as a regular reader, I feel as though it’s my obligation to defend my generation. You insinuate […]

Shine a Light

Essays from our readers

Opt Out, Live InBy Skip Becker According to the Her­shey based Gift of Life Do­nor Program, there are 6,701 patients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware waiting for an organ trans­plant. Of them, 5,328 are waiting for a kidney, 983 are waiting for a liver and the remaining patients are wait­ing for hearts, lungs, pancre­ases and a combinations of organs. […]

Piccola’s Report

Taxpayers in the Hershey and Hummelstown areas will now have the truth about the return on their investment in public education thanks to a new website that has been launched by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) and a state law which I was pleased to champion. The law, known as Act 104 of 2010, requires PDE to post progress […]

Castaway Critter of the Week