New Apartments?

Verdelli Change Approved

For years, the old Verdelli Farms properties on the east end of Hummelstown have stood silent. The quiet might not last for long. Before the regularly scheduled Hummelstown Borough Council meeting on Nov. 17, a public hearing was held on a proposed amendment to the borough’s zoning ordinances. That amendment, proposed by 2nd Street Realty Associates, would allow for properties […]


Sun Stat of the Week

From Where I Sit

I’m going to come right out and say it … I’m getting damn sick and tired of the Penn State bashing which the media, both national and statewide, has been taking great glee in doing. What Jerry Sandusky did is horrible and he needs to be brought to justice. Those who knew and did little or nothing about it also […]

Letters to the Editor

On Wednesday November 30th, the Hummelstown Zoning Board will hear the recommendation of the Planning Commission for the Hummelstown Swim Club to get a Special Exception to build a Banquet Hall / Social Club on their property. I do not know what the recommendation will be. I do know however that if this is permitted over 1,500 Swim Club members […]

Shine a Light

Essays from our readers

In response to my Nov. 10 “Rotten” editorial on the Sandusky affair, we have an opposing view from my brother. Yes, my brother, who also happens to be a Sun subscriber and 1975 Penn State grad. – Ed. By Bruce Buffington You have implied, no stated, that money is what Penn State, and by association Joe Paterno, is all about. […]

Castaway Critter of the Week

Lives Well Lived

I’m here today to talk about obituaries. And fun. Really. Yes, I know, obituaries are about death. But I also know that there’s a life behind every death. Which brings me to the gentleman you see here, John Shellenhamer, who died Nov. 13. From the photo, you might guess that he was an interesting fellow who led a full life, […]

You Are Being Watched

Police News

The information here is based on official police reports. Charges made may vary from the final disposition of cases. PALMYRA SUSPECTED THIEF NABBED Police have charged a 17-year-old male they say stole items from a vehicle Oct. 2. The juvenile was charged after police conducted a search of his home and found a camera that was reported stolen in the […]