Best Feet Forward

Sheetz Plan Scheduled

Calendar Alert

The Derry Township Planning Commission will meet Thursday, May 3, 6 p.m. at the township municipal complex on Clearwater Drive. The key item on the agenda is the “Review and recom­mendation of the Preliminary/Final Subdivision and Land Development Plan for 777 Middletown Road, Plat #1216” – a.k.a., the Middletown Road Sheetz project.

‘A Different Perspective’

Sun Country Helicopter Service

With all securely strapped in with headphones in place, against the steady whup-whup-whup of the rotors, the white Bell 206 helicopter lifted off the shale-covered 60 by 60 foot pad. The radio crackled as the pilot, Jim Sedgwick, checked in with Reigle Airport. Three passengers peered through windows as the craft hovered gently then rose to 1,100 feet, and soon […]

Black Sheep Fire

Vacancy Vote Set

Derry School Board

The Derry Township School District school board will hold a special meeting to elect a new school board mem­ber Wednesday, May 2, 5 p.m. in the Large Group Instruc­tion room at Hershey High School. The new member will replace Mary Beth Hagan, who resigned effective April 19. The agenda for the meet­ing says Board President El­len Sheffey will introduce the […]

Arbor Day

BarbNatalie Shope Park held a crowd of more than 50 people for the ninth annual Arbor Day held in Hummelstown on Saturday, April 28. The event, which was held by the borough’s Shade Tree Commission, was publicized with the tree being dedicated to the town’s 250th celebration. But Borough Manager, Michael O’Keefe has been working behind the scenes for months […]

The Lollipop Drop?

What is the destiny of the Lollipop Drop? That is the question that has been asked by the Hum­melstown Community Foundation Members. With the loss of some of its members, it has been ques­tioned do we have enough manpower to continue this annual event. The committee is asking the citizens of Hummelstown to get involved in this event. There will […]

Derry Township Schools

Congratulations to you and The Sun for the pursuit of the DTSB related to legal fees on the Hershey Foundation case. I find $149,000 in legal fees absolutely incredible when the case has not even gone to trial!! Cheers to you and The Sun for putting this in the public eye where it should be. And, keep on fighting. 99% […]


I am writing this in response to the article in last week’s “The Sun” regarding DTSD Pays Law Firm $149K. I found the article to be informative and alarming. Superintendent Richard Faidley has shown his arrogance, once again, to the School Board, “The Sun,” the Hershey Trust, and the people of Derry Township. It appears that the Superintendent is confused […]

Cut Police Officers Out of School

Now that the Derry Twp. School Board has cut out the police officer in the school, the INMATES will be running things. Donna Cronin is correct in considering more cuts to athletic programs. Sorry, but you’re going to school to learn, NOT to play sports. Lee Vasiliades Hershey