Season of Orange

DTSD Tries to ‘Move Forward’

Amid ‘McCarthyism’

“Choose Civility” was the theme of the Derry Township School District school board meeting Monday, Aug. 27. After the uproar at the previous meeting because of the motion for the removal of Board President Ellen Sheffey, several school board members expressed their feelings. Board Vice President Hank Donahue, who walked out of the Aug. 13 meeting, was the first to […]

‘Bulk Voting’ Challenge

Sun Fights Secrecy

The Sun, together with the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association, is challenging the “bulk voting” policy adopted earlier in August by the Derry Township School District board. The motion passed by the board did not make the policy clear, but it appears that the bulk voting policy would allow the board to take one vote on multiple agenda items at its meetings. […]


Friday Morning LD Football

Iron Spike Bowl

Lower Dauphin High School will renew its football rivalry with neighboring Middletown Area High School with the inaugural “Iron Spike Bowl” on Friday, Aug. 31, 10:30 a.m. at Hersheypark Stadium. The winner of the game will receive the Iron Spike Bowl trophy and an iron railroad spike from the Middletown & Hummelstown Railroad. The odd kickoff time is necessitated by […]

Letters to the Editor

It’s back to school time in the mailbag. First, a note about Lower Dauphin lunches … Are you kidding me? High school kids now have to take fruit when buying their lunch or they are charged extra? That has to be wrong!! Lower Dauphin, it’s a waste of food, and I don’t know of any teenager who is going to […]

Castaway Critter of the Week

Conserving Sun Country

Partners in Stewartship

The Manada Conservancy’s Swatara Stewardship Program is working to create a greenway, a buffer of natural vegetation, around Swatara Creek. Also known as riparian buffers, greenways have the ability to greatly reduce the impact of flooding. The trees and plants in a greenway absorb the rainfall and water that flow off of non-permeable surfaces, thus preventing erosion of the stream […]

From Where I Sit

This week’s column will complete the coverage of the Hummelstown 250th anniversary celebration. For those who participated, it may be repetitive; for those from other than Hummelstown, it may be of no interest; but … 50 years from now when the 300th anniversary committee asks the question, “What did they do in 2012 for the 250th celebration?” it will be […]

A Scout is Trustworthy

Sun Country has a great organization that … 1. Teaches kids useful skills, like first aid and marksmanship. (Stuff that should be taught in our schools, but isn’t.) 2. Teaches kids important values, like courtesy and teamwork. 3. Takes kids away from the virtual world of the computer and into the real world of the outdoors. 4. Gets kids away […]