Django Unchained

          It’s funny how beloved Quentin Tarantino is as a director despite the shortness of his filmography. Ignoring his work with television and contributions to anthology films (I’m willing to forget his awful segment of “Grindhouse” if you are), the man has only seven feature credits to his name, including his newest, “Django Unchained”. Yet I and many others consider […]

Another Day, Another Crash

Mary Shows She Can

The Huntress

Mary Hixon’s extensive hunting career began on the basis of a very negative word. Can’t. It’s what her brother told her 74 years ago when she was 12, and she still hasn’t forgotten. “He used to say ‘you can’t go hunting because you’re a girl. And I started to cry,” Hixon remembers. “My pop says ‘when she gets old enough, […]


Derry Fills Boards

West End Chipotle

The Derry Township supervisors appointed and reappointed members to several different township boards and re-elected both Chairman Chris Abruzzo and Vice- Chairman Kelly Fedeli at their Jan. 7 meeting. The supervisors reappointed Susan Cort to the Vacancy Board and James Brandy to the Police Pension Advisory Board for one year. Richard Polignone returns as a member of the Tax Collection […]

‘Entity’ Boards Expanded

Two New Members

The Milton Hershey School’s Board of Managers has announced the appointment of John Fry and Joan Steel to the boards of the Milton Hershey School and Hershey Trust Company. A spokesperson for the School and Trust told The Sun that Fry and Steel are additions to the boards. None of the existing members are being replaced. So both boards now […]

Letters to the Editor

Thank you for your editorial regarding the many vehi­cle accidents on our local roads. I’d like to comment on the last paragraph, “Without lights, without left turn lanes, with­out more enforcement, without changes, it’s easy to predict what will happen.” As true as that is, I’d like to comment on what I think the number one problem is – lack […]

From Where I Sit

I lost a friend and the nation lost a hero Dec. 27, 2012, with the passing of retired four star General H. Norman Schwarzkopf at the age of 78 in Tampa, Fla., from complications from pneumonia. For those of you who may not remember, Gen. Schwarzkopf, already a decorated Vietnam veteran, commanded the U.S. and coalition forces in what became […]

Real News

By Dave Buffington Right now, all the news out of Washington is about the “fiscal cliff,” an absolutely artificial, truly farcical deadline that was cooked up to avoid making any hard decisions a year ago and will certainly be solved by pushing off any hard decisions for another year or so. The Sun, Dec. 13, 2012 And of course, that’s […]

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