“Taken 3”

            “Taken” has always been a pretty lowbrow franchise. The appeal of the films is little more than Liam Neeson’s intimidating line delivery and the promise of shooting and explosions. I get that these films aren’t meant to be held to a particularly high standard. But in “Taken 3”, the action is so weak that the film can’t live up […]

That Snazzy Cart

Castaway Critter Update

Last fall, The Sun brought you the story of Eddie, a dog rescued by Castaway Critters from an awful animal hoarding situation. Here’s an update, from Eddie himself … Happy New Year Everyone! Remember me? Eddie here, and I’m back to give an update on how I’m doing. When you first met me, I was in really bad shape – […]

Pinned, Not Beaten

Sun Country Wrestler

As a Lower Dauphin wrestler, Dalton Deimler understood the importance of physical stamina and mental endurance. For wrestlers, these characteristics are not options. They are necessities. During his four years as a high school wrestler, Deimler, a 2012 graduate, embraced the rigors of the mat, battling his way to a successful career. On Dec. 1, however, Deimler’s physical and mental […]

Bell Rung or Worse?

‘I Puked 17 Times’

Was it a hard hit? Or a concussion? Hershey High School senior Arthur Cronin hosted a seminar, Concussions in Sports, in November to help people answer those questions. “Doing lacrosse and soccer since elementary school, I was interested to learn about concussions. I set up an internship with Dr. Bramley,” Cronin said. Bramley is the director of the concussion clinic […]

We’re Growing!

We’re Moving

The Sun will move to a new, bigger office at 18 E. Main St., Hummelstown, at the end of January. “We’re growing,” Dave Buffington, editor of The Sun, said. “Our circulation is up more than 40 percent since we moved into our current office, and advertising is up likewise. We’re covering more territory, and we’ve added staff along the way. […]

Letters to the Editor

Milton Hershey School alumnus and U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Chuck Seidel ‘87 was honored this morning by MHS teacher and U.S. Army Col. Aaron Bush’s eighth-grade students. The students thanked Seidel for his 27 years of service by raising a flag he flew in Afghanistan during his last tour. The students also learned about the importance of our military […]

Payne’s Report

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and got to spend some quality time with family and friends. Deb and I attended the Hershey Lions Club Charter Night, where the club celebrated its 70-year anniversary. The Hershey Lions Club and many other public service groups have a long history of helping others. To congratulate the members, I […]

From Where I Sit

Now that the holidays are behind us, I’ve had some time to catch up on some reading of books I received for Christmas. Just finished a couple of pre-Christmas volumes, which, no surprise to regular readers, have a military theme. Enjoyed learning about a general you probably never heard of in the book “Grey Eminence, Fox Connor and the Art […]

Castaway Critter of the Week

City of Lights

Within the never-ending discussions about what downtown Hershey should be, I hear it occasionally. I heard it again the other day. I heard somebody say, “I want Hershey to be like Paris.” And once again, out of courtesy, I clamped my teeth together to keep from laughing. Let’s be blunt … Hershey will never be a romantic town filled with […]