“Creed” and “Krampus”

            This past weekend, less than a million dollars separated strong Thanksgiving holdover “Creed” from flimsy newcomer “Krampus.” I’ve decided to take a look at both films. “Creed”             “Creed” tells the story of Adonis “Donny” Creed (Michael B. Jordan), son of legendary boxer Apollo Creed. And who was Apollo Creed’s most famous opponent? That’s right, Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone). Some […]

FTC to Fight Merger

Two years ago, The Sun broke the news of a planned merger between the Med Center and Pinnacle Health. A year and a half ago, the Med Center and Pinnacle signed a letter of intent to make that merger happen. Eight months ago, the Penn State Board of Trustees formally approved a proposal to bring the two businesses together as […]

Bear With Us

‘Under a Microscope’

Hummelstown for Accountability It’s been over a month since Lisa Mearkle was acquitted of the killing of David Kassick and weeks since dozens of protesters marched to the borough meeting to express their discontent. Many of those protesters had also briefly attended a meeting of Hummelstown for Accountability at the Alexander Family Library, and some had even been attending since […]

Letter to the Editor

Got a great Christmas tradition? Whether it’s warm or weird, wacky or wonderful send the details (and photos!) to us at news@thesunontheweb.com or The Sun, 18 E. Main St., Hummelstown PA 17036 by Dec. 17. Thanks! Now, on to the mailbag … This is in response to your duplicitous editorial of December 3rd regarding “life expectancy”. Your insulting comment of […]

Take the Sun along with you


The Nine Principles

Editor’s Note: I wrote this editorial a year ago, before the Mearkle shooting and verdict. I do hate reruns, but it does seem appropriate to run this one again now … I’ve been thinking a lot about the recent controversies concerning the police and the public. I get to see our local cops do their jobs all the time, and […]

From Where I Sit

Writing this on Monday morning, Dec. 7, and, as every year, it brings back memories of Dec. 7, 1941, and the Japanese sneak attack on our Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. As I’ve stated before, I had just turned 7 in September and was outside playing on a sunny Sunday afternoon when I was called inside to listen […]

Castaway Critter of the Week