“Hail, Caesar”

            “Hail, Caesar” is something of a critic’s dream: a movie about movies from an era of great movies. It’s directed by Joel and Ethan Coen, makers of some of the greatest movies of this era. It’s one of their comedies, which unfortunately means that the plot is a convoluted mess, but individual scenes are loaded with interesting characters and […]

‘The Wrong Way’

DTSD Sports ‘Unanchored’?

Derry Township School District’s athletic program has issues, board members agreed at their Feb. 8 meeting. Numbers bear them out – the district has been through five athletic directors in the past four years, and five head coaches have left in the past year alone. But several board members said it is premature to form an ad hoc committee to […]

AG Filed Porn Charges

Death on Route 322 Editor’s Note: The following story includes references to child pornography. Please proceed accordingly. The man who was found dead on Route 322 near the Hanover Street/ Middletown Road overpass had been charged with possession of child pornography one day earlier, court documents show. According to charging documents, 41-year-old Dion Jeremy Rider of Hummelstown was charged Feb. […]

Great Kid Gone

‘It Started Slow’ “Jordan was a great kid,” Steve Shuey said of his elder son. “He played three different sports at Hershey High School. He wrote for the school newspaper. He played the violin. He got good grades and loved to write and to read.” Played. Got. Loved. Past tense. Because Jordan is dead, a victim of the heroin epidemic. […]

Valentine’s Day

Letters to the Editor

Before we jump into the mailbag, I want to welcome a new writer at The Sun but an old friend to many of you … Anne Reeves. For many years, Anne was a columnist for the old Hershey Chronicle and then the Patriot-News. But starting this week, she’s with us, and we couldn’t be happier. You’ll find her column elsewhere […]

The Writer

Editorial Over the 40 or so years I’ve worked for a living, I’ve had a bunch of jobs with a bunch of titles. But really, for most of that time, I’ve been pretty much one thing … a writer. And as a professional, I’m proud of my writing. In fact, I’d say that I’m a better writer than any writer […]

From Where I Sit

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I’ve gotten a bit behind on some events I wanted to bring to The Sun readers’ attention. Was involved weekend before last with the return of Cpl. Kenny Stuck and the services involved with same. This past week, in addition to the monthly World War II Roundtable, with preparations for the quarterly […]

That’s Life

Everything seems the same, but nothing is. As the third marking period kicks into high gear for the Falcons of Lower Dauphin, there’s still pizza and chicken tenders on the lunch menu, no one looks forward to the SATs, and everyone prays for a snow day. But while the daily routine of classes, athletics and extracurriculars looks the same, something’s […]

Castaway Critter of the Week