“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”

            “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” is the most anticipated superhero crossover movie since “The Avengers.” Actually, it might be even more anticipated than “The Avengers.” Superman and Batman have starred in big-budget blockbusters since the 70’s and 80’s, respectively (and smaller-scale movie serials and TV shows long before that), but who cared much about Iron Man or Thor […]

Hummelstown Borough Building

‘She Took Over’

Hot Rod Jen She steadies her hand on her arm, using minimal pressure on the brush to apply a thin line, slowly twisting the brush, applying more pressure to thicken the line as it evolves into a gentle curve. She is Hot Rod Jen, aka Jennifer Thompson, internationally renowned pinstriper whose scrolls, curves, teardrops and crosshairs adorn refurbished street rods, […]

Micro Money Mission

‘I Fell in Love’ My name is Kilee Bomgardner, and I’m a senior at Saint Francis University and a Hershey High School alumna. I recently returned from my fourth mission trip to Jamaica. I am proud and honored to say that I am a co-founder of the Jamaican International Microloan Initiative (JIMI). Four years ago, a Saint Francis University professor […]

Miranda Miller

Kasich Coming to Sun Country

With the Pennsylvania presidential primary inching closer – and looking more relevant than ever – the Kasich for President campaign has announced that Governor John Kasich will appear at the AACA Museum on Route 39 on April 1. The doors for the town hall event will open at 9:30 a.m., and the event is scheduled to start at 10 a.m. […]

Letters to the Editor

Letters, yes, we get letters. The first this week is a response to the column written by our Anne Reeves about Jonathan Keeler, one of the candidates running for the 106th District State House seat … Dear Mrs. Reeves, First, I must thank you and the Hummelstown Sun for offering to publish a “redemption story” on my behalf. Fortunately, I […]

Great Blue Heron

Por Favor

If what you see on TV is to be believed, life is miserable. Marriage is a ball and chain. Kids are miserable brats. And work? Work is something you only do if you have to. Well, I have a great life. I adore my wife. I’m incredibly proud of my kids. And I have a great job. Sure, I have […]

That’s Life

The recent water crisis in Flint, Mich., where high levels of lead contamination threatened public health and safety, has created widespread doubts about one of the things we Americans have always taken for granted: clean water. We worry about a lot of things in this country, but potable H2O has never been one of them. Flint reminds us that things […]