For weeks, I was dying to see “Keanu.” I’m a big fan of Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele and their sketch show “Key & Peele.” My family loves those sketches where they play college football players with wacky names, and I personally am a huge fan of the sketch where they play devil-hating old ladies. And Key and Peele […]

How Much Is Enough?

Sun Investigation Finds ‘Apparent Violations’ How much pay is enough pay? For a part-time job. At a charity. With $11 billion in assets. That charity would be the Milton Hershey School, and for Bob Cavanaugh, who was chairman of the school’s Board of Managers until recently, that amount would seem to be $332,666. That’s how much compensation Cavanaugh received from […]

‘In My Living Room’

Crashes on Route 39 At its meeting April 27, the South Hanover Township (SHT) Board of Supervisors acted and reacted to township residents who spoke on dangerous traffic situations along Route 39. Kevin Busher, representing The Reserves Homeowners’ Association, described three car accidents where vehicles veered off the road, traveled over an embankment and landed in, on or near a […]

Three For $13,500

Cherry Street Sinkhole Palmyra Borough is buying three homes on the 300 block of Cherry Street for $13,500. The purchase will let the borough finally begin the long-awaited repairs to massive sinkholes. Borough manager Roger Powl said after the April 28 council meeting that he hopes the borough can award bids for the work at the May 24 meeting and […]

Celebrate Moms

Sunday, May 8, is Mother’s Day, and The Sun wants to celebrate moms of every kind by running photos of them in an upcoming issue (probably next week, but heck, nothing has been going according to schedule around here lately). Send your photos by Monday, May 9, to news@thesunontheweb.com or drop them off at our office at 18 E. Main […]

“Kids Under Construction”

Letters to the Editor

When met with tragedy human nature tries to undo it, fix it…anesthetize it. We try to give it meaning or entertain ideas as to how it could have been prevented. Some of this is important as we hold out hope that perhaps some future traumas may yet be avoided. Unfortunately there are times when, in our zeal to overcome our […]

That’s Life

Before you were even born, I loved you with a fierce intensity I never thought possible. You were my miracle. While you slept, I counted your breaths. I marveled over every little hair on your head, every little toe and finger, every feature of your perfect face, every inch of your sweet, pink skin. Nothing could diminish my love of […]

Castaway Critter of the Week

I Am Sorry

I made a mistake. There is no other explanation other than to say it was the wrong decision, and I am sorry. Last week, The Sun ran a photo along with Anne Reeves’ column – That’s Life – of Hershey senior Anthony Bellezza, who passed away suddenly on April 4. Anne’s column discussed the regret family members and friends often […]