Caught In The Dream

Mansion to be Auctioned Aug. 20 Dave Cunningham wonders whether his dad, David, really wanted to finish the European-style mansion he had been building in Londonderry Township for more than a dozen years. His dad loved the process more than the end result, Dave Jr. said while standing in the shell of a home that will go up for auction […]

New Player In Hershey

Filling the Holes Amid increasing concern about the gaping holes in downtown Hershey, The Sun has learned RVG Management and Development Company is interested in developing the old post office property in downtown Hershey. The Wormleysburgbased development company has worked on projects with retailers ranging from Rite-Aid to Chick-fil-A. The company is also involved with the development of a 30-unit […]

Moratorium on Middletown Road?

Loss of Power, Short of Water Should there be a moratorium on development along Middletown Road? That’s the question Rep. John Payne and the Middletown Road Coalition (MRC) are asking the Derry Township Board of Supervisors. The moratorium issue was raised in a letter sent by Payne to the supervisors on behalf of the MRC. In the July 27 letter, […]

Ask The Editor

It used to be that you came back from vacation to find a big pile of mail on your desk. Now, when you get back, your desk looks great, but your computer’s crammed with an even bigger pile of, well, stuff. The problem, of course, is that email is free. Way back in 2004, Bill Gates got ripped to shreds […]

From Where I Sit

Well, if you went looking for your Aug. 11 issue of The Sun, you now know we were on vacation. We always take off the second week of August and the week of Christmas, giving all employees two weeks of paid vacation. Wife Rosemary and I started this tradition back in 1971. Initially, when we bought the Hummelstown Sun in […]

Letters to the Editor

Before we jump into the mailbag, I’d like to say “Hi!” to the many folks living along Route 39 who are receiving this week’s (and next week’s) issue for free! It’s a special subscription promotion, and if you’d like to subscribe, just use the coupon below, visit or call 566-3251. Now, on to the show … A HUGE SHOUT […]

That’s Life

Because she had faced the darkness, Hershey High School senior Rachael Schirato knew she wanted to help other teens find the light. Schirato, 17, remembered feeling anxious and afraid even as a child. She feared almost everything: storms, strangers, big dogs. As she got older, the once outgoing youngster became withdrawn and unsociable. Panic overwhelmed her. “Through high school, I […]

Castaway Critter of the Week

Hands at Work


The information here is based on official police reports. Charges may vary from the final disposition of cases. HUMMELSTOWN BURGLARY INVESTIGATION Police have charged a man following a home burglary at 622 W. Main Street. According to police, Frederick L. Maines, 21, entered the home and made off with several items, including three handguns and an Xbox One sometime between […]