Much has been made of Disney’s hot streak in 2016. They’ve already had hits with “Zootopia;” “The Jungle Book;” “Captain America: Civil War;” “Finding Dory;” and “Doctor Strange,” plus “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” is set to dominate Christmas. Now here comes “Moana,” and it’s the best one yet.             What puts the film over the top is […]

Jane Is Back

Palmyra Tax Hike Blocked Palmyra Borough Council underwent a major reorganization at its meeting Nov. 22 in the wake of former council president Pat Hennessy’s Nov. 11 death. The council appointed a new president and vice president at the meeting. Mark Smith, who had been serving as vice president and interim president in Hennessy’s absence, was unanimously appointed president. The […]

What I Want For Christmas

‘This Is My Normal’

‘It was probably a tick bite’ It’s Tuesday, so seventh-grader Zerek Hoffer is not in class at Palmyra Middle School. He is spending most of the day as he does every Tuesday and Thursday, either at the Med Center for physical therapy or receiving IV therapy at Capstone Medical Associates in Palmyra to combat the symptoms and conditions of POTS […]

Dead? Not Dead!

Rezoning for Western Campus Zoning changes for Derry Township will be waiting a bit longer to take effect as Derry Township Board of Supervisors has sent the ordinance back to the township’s planning commission. At the board’s Nov. 22 meeting, Vice Chairman John Foley said the board felt there were enough changes that the planning commission should review the ordinance […]

Letters to the Editor

A 37 percent tax increase for Derry Township! What are the supervisors thinking? Well obviously they have not been thinking because this type of increase did not come out of the blue. Someone is not doing their job and we, the taxpayers, pay the price for the absence of long range planning. Maria Hersey — The Hershey Rotary Club is […]

Rule 22

I pity my kids. I embarrass them regularly by wearing socks with sandals. I frustrate them constantly by forgetting what they told me five minutes earlier. (Especially when they told me they wanted to borrow the car.) And I truly, really, deeply annoy them with my rules. Actually, most of them are more like sayings than rules, and most of […]

That’s Life

Get in the Game We were running out of time and starting to panic, fearing we were doomed. Trapped in two tiny rooms for almost an hour, we could feel the walls closing in around us. We had to get out. Fifteen minutes. We were going to botch this entire operation; failure was imminent. Five minutes. The frustration reached a […]

From Where I Sit

So, how was your Thanksgiving? Ours was a busy one. Took off last Wednesday afternoon for daughter Tracy and son-in-law Rob’s in Broomall to be there for turkey day. Stopped on the way at one of our favorite restaurants, The Drafting Room, on Route 100 just south of the Downingtown exit on the Turnkpike. Got there in time to babysit […]

Castaway Critter of the Week