“Arrival” opened three weeks ago to some of the best reviews of the year and Best Actress Oscar talk for Amy Adams. The problem was that the film was weirdly limited in its release, playing on only 2,300 screens in the country when most new wide releases play on over 3,000. I didn’t see it then because it opened […]

Eight Years Later … Rosie’s Still Shaking

Trial Set for January Hummelstown shook when Rosie’s “East End” Restaurant exploded on East Main Street on May 21, 2008. Now more than eight years later, the parties involved are scheduled to face one another in court. The case has included numerous lawsuits, including Sharon Kulina, the property owner, suing UGI Corporation, UGI Utilities and Blooming Glen Contractors, which is […]

Duquette Confronts Board

‘I Won’t Listen’ Before its regular committee meetings Dec. 1, the Palmyra Area School District (PASD) Board of Directors held its annual Board Reorganizational Meeting, where board positions are realigned as necessary, including officers, board appointments, representatives and committees, solicitor and other outside counsel positions. Christopher Connell and Ellen Wargo were re-elected as board president and vice president, a move […]

Trust Buys More Land

Along Route 39 Members 1st Federal Credit Union has sold its branch location on Route 39 in South Hanover Township to the Hershey Trust Company/Milton Hershey School for $1.1 million. According to Dauphin County records, Members 1st purchased the 3.9-acre property in 2005 for $975,000 and operated a branch there until mid-October, when the credit union opened its new branch […]

Grains of Sand

Following Penn State’s 38-31 comeback victory against Wisconsin, thousands of students took to the 200 block of E. Beaver Avenue, where they proceeded to cheer, chant and engage in property damage after the Nittany Lions took the title of B1G Ten Champions …. In a press conference on Sunday, police compared the crowd to the Ohio State riot, and reported […]

That’s Life

Serving Without Serving

Even though Devon Lawrence has never served in the military, he recently received a prestigious award from the largest Air National Guard wing in the country. The award recognized Lawrence’s work in a battle that’s much closer to home: feeding the hungry hordes visiting Hersheypark every year. As area manager of concessions, Lawrence helps keep the park’s large variety of […]

From Where I Sit

Where were you 75 years ago yesterday? I would guess for the majority, you weren’t anywhere, not having been born yet! For me, it was a sunny Sunday afternoon, Dec. 7, 1941, in Clearfield, Pa. I had just had my 7th birthday on Sept. 4 and was outside playing in our backyard. My dad came to the back door and […]

Mehaffie to Keep Office

Residents of the 106th Legislative District should enjoy a smooth transition as Rep.-elect Tom Mehaffie (RDauphin) takes over as their representative at the state Capitol. Mehaffie has announced he will retain the same district office occupied by former Rep. John Payne in Hershey, and longtime staffers Jody Flynn and Teri Naples will be staying on to continue their service on […]


People are still talking about Halloween – and when to hold trick-or-treat night! Now, you can cast your vote on the issue by going to our website: www.thesunontheweb.com. Just look for the poll question on our home page and vote. There’s no charge and no obligation. We just want to know what you think. Speaking of which … Our regular […]

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