“War for the Planet of the Apes”

            In this era of remakes and reboots and other words to describe digging up long-dormant franchises, the revival of “Planet of the Apes” has turned out to be one of the best surprises. It would have been so easy for things to go wrong with these movies: they could have been too silly, they could have taken themselves too […]

Home, Home on the Road

‘I Am All In’

Police Seek Help For K-9 Unit Northwest Regional Police officer Tyler Seidel dreamed of being a police K-9 handler since he was a kid. And now, it appears that dream is on its way to being a reality, as Seidel and the Northwest Regional Police department have launched a fundraising campaign with the hopes of generating $60,000 to bring a […]

25¢ = $60,984

Got Salt? The North Londonderry Township Supervisors had a problem to solve at their July 17 meeting. The township had received two identical bids for road salt and had to find a way to break the tie. Township Solicitor Keith Kilgore said the municipal planning code requires the township to take the lowest responsible bid but does not say how […]

‘Used Poor Judgement’

Fundraising for Bank Robbery Suspect The father of accused Fulton Bank robber Ken Fruhwirth Jr. created a GoFundMe page to raise money for his son’s legal expenses and to send him to rehab. The page appeared on the crowd-fundraising website for several days before disappearing. Ken Fruhwirth Sr. said on the page his son, Ken Fruhwirth Jr., “used poor judgement […]

Rule 16

You a girl? Got a daughter? Then you’ll be interested in this strange little story that came to us via Facebook. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent … Feel like I NEED to share something that happened to Mandy today at Hershey Park. She was working by herself when she was approached by a woman telling […]

Letters to the Editor

First, an apology … For some still unknown reason, somewhere between our printer and your mailbox, way too many copies of last week’s issue of The Sun disappeared. Other publications were also affected, and all of us are working with the U.S. Postal Service to fix the problem. In the meantime, if you didn’t receive last week’s issue, please give […]

That’s Life

‘What Can I Do?’

The seemingly random pop-up ad appeared when Daniel Venable needed it the most, even though he didn’t understand why at the time. The Hershey High School graduate, now 19 and a sophomore at Towson University, saw the ad for the Crisis Text Line (CTL) while watching YouTube one day. Through text message or Facebook Messenger, the hotline provides free, confidential, […]

From Where I Sit

Like the more than 100 Hershey/Derry Township residents, I attended the Monday, July 10, meeting presentation by the Hershey Trust Company on the project it has dubbed Hershey West End, which would fill the area bordered by Route 322/422 at the north end, Wood Road at the south, Bullfrog Valley Road on the east side, and Waltonville Road on the […]

Castaway Critter of the Week