“American Made”

            “American Made” is the story of a street-smart everyman who does some shady dealings and finds himself rich beyond his wildest dreams, but at the cost of his soul. He engages in fleeting fun and excitement that he finds increasingly unfulfilling. He can’t enjoy the life he’s built for himself because he’s always on the verge of being brought […]

Hotel Tax: ‘An Even Steeper Disadvantage’

Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company (HE&R) has responded to the surprise proposal, now being considered by the state legislature, to add 5 percent to the existing 6 percent state hotel tax. HE&R operates The Hotel Hershey and the Hershey Lodge as well as Hersheypark, the Giant Center and other local attractions.Garrett Gallia, a spokesman for HE&R, told The Sun:We are […]

Stubborn As …

$2.77 Million Gone?

United States vs. Michael Jackson

On Jan. 17, agents from the FBI, IRS and Derry Township police raided a home on Elm Avenue, arguably Hershey’s most prestigious residential street. A month later, a federal grand jury indicted one of the owners of that home – Michael Jay Jackson – on charges related to bankruptcy fraud. With those charges, Jackson is facing more than 20 years […]

Shine a Light

Essays from our readers

Consequences at TMI By Mike Pries, Dauphin County Commissioner Residents of Sun Country are aware that the Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station (TMI) is set to close in 2019, barring a change in policy from our elected lawmakers in Harrisburg. The effects of this closure – should it come to fruition – will be felt by all of us […]

‘Time For Me to Move On’

Surprise at Lower Dauphin

At the end of the Lower Dauphin School Board’s Monday, Oct. 2, meeting, Superintendent Sherri Smith surprised board members by announcing her plan to retire at the conclusion of her present five-year contract in June. Reading from a prepared statement, Smith said: Five years ago, I signed my third five-year contract as superintendent with Lower Dauphin. Seems hard to believe […]

Dog Hair everywhere

So, I’m out shopping the other day, and I park behind a pickup truck with a sticker in the window. It says … Ass, Gas or Cash: Nobody Rides for Free And leaning against the door, there’s a guy – an unfashionably unshaven 50-something with dirty jeans and a tattered ball cap. Well, my friend, you better get a job, […]

Letters to the Editor

A bit of business first … For the first time in more than seven years, we’re raising the price of The Sun. In January, the newsstand price of The Sun will go from 75 cents to $1, and the in-state subscription price will go from $28 to $32. The online subscription price will go from $14 to $16. And you […]

From Where I Sit

Thanks to Editor Dave for giving us a reprieve on getting a quick column ready for the Sept. 28 issue. We didn’t get back from Germany until Sunday afternoon, Sept. 24, and by the time we cleared passport ID and Customs at the Philadelphia airport, it was about 5:30 p.m. and we exited right into the departing traffic from the […]

Castaway Critter of the Week