“Ant-Man and the Wasp”

            We last saw Scott “Ant-Man” Lang (Paul Rudd) in 2016’s “Captain America: Civil War” where he fought on Cap’s side, lost, and went to prison. It was briefly mentioned in this year’s “Avengers: Infinity War” that he took a plea deal where he was released in exchange for promising not to do any more superhero work, making him one […]


Couple Charged

Busted in Bainbridge A Conoy Township couple was arrested June 28 in connection with a Montgomery County drug bust in which 25 people are facing charges. On Thursday, June 28, the FBI Harrisburg Violent Crimes Task Force, in connection with the Lancaster County SERT team, arrested 58-year-old Mark A. Carter and 49-year-old Tammy L. Carter at their home, 1406 Amosite […]

Bigger, Badder Booms

Council Promises Action Fireworks have been igniting the Palmyra night sky since the beginning of June. And for some residents, the noise from these newly legal explosives has been disrupting their lives. This was the top issue during Palmyra’s Tuesday, July 10, municipal meeting, where multiple residents were present to voice concerns with the volume of fireworks being set off […]

Silence the Skies

I should have known better, having a baby the week before the Fourth of July holiday and in the same year the fireworks’ law changed. As soon as dusk set it, it was one boom after another in Elizabethtown Borough until at least after 11 p.m. That’s a tough thing when you are getting very little sleep, have a newborn […]

Letters to the Editor

The 1968 Lower Dauphin HS Baseball team is celebrating the 50th anniversary of their LD Baseball League Championship. The Falcons posted a 13-3 record to win the title. League members were Bishop McDevitt, CD, CD East, Middletown, Susquehanna Twp., and the Falcons. To commemorate the occasion, the team members are contributing to the Ronnie Cassel Scholarship Fund. The fund provides […]

From Where I Sit

The happenings in the newsroom of the Capital Gazette, the Annapolis, Md., daily newspaper, on Thursday, June 28, have echoed pretty strongly with those of us who have spent a career in the news gathering and printing business for any length of time. While the Gazette staff toiled in the shadow of the iconic Baltimore Sun, they had their function. […]

View From Dove Hill

Right in the middle of the beach towel washing season, our washer blows up! My husband ran off to Home Depot and came back with the news that he has purchased the exact same kind of washer. We could use the pedestal we have to attach to the new washer, but the only bad thing was that we would have […]

Castaway Critter of the Week