“Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation”

            I did not care for the first two “Hotel Transylvania” movies. Basically I felt that Adam Sandler’s style of humor had run its course, and even doing something as unique as applying it to animated monster movies couldn’t make it interesting again. Both films got a One and a Half Star rating out of me (the equivalent of a […]

Fun in the Sun

Kindness or Punishment?

‘Good News’ vs. ‘Satan’

Some Hershey residents are defending a proposed bible club – the Good News Club – to be held after school at Hershey Elementary School. Speaking during the Monday, July 16, Derry Township School Board meeting, longtime resident Anne Jones, whose six children graduated from Hershey High School, said she teaches a Good News Club at Conewago Elementary School. She said […]

‘Something Really Bad’

Brandt Facing Charges

It’s one of those roads you’re not sure you should be driving down, even if your GPS tells you that you should. It’s narrow, crumbly and there are “No Trespassing” and “Private Drive” signs affixed to a telephone pole at its entrance. It’s Witmer Road in Conewago Township and the question of whether it’s a public road and who has […]

Letters to the Editor

I read with excitement an article on July 5, 2018, referencing a proposed bible club for DTSD elementary students. I can understand why our school board tabled discussion and decisions in this matter. My children have benefited greatly from DTSD board members and administrators who realize and take very seriously the impact their decisions have on others. The article made […]

The 12U Mid-State Mavericks travel team

From Where I Sit

Must confess Rosemary and I played hookie Thursday through Sunday this past week when we should have been hard at work helping clean out the old SUN building. We spent a good part of the morning and longer on Saturday and Sunday watching the tennis championships from Wimbledon, England. No, we’re not die-hard tennis fans, but it has become something […]



Onus on Us

This week, you’ll read about the Lawn Fire Company visiting the Conewago Township Board of Supervisors at its Wednesday, July 11, meeting. (For that story, see Page 7). They were there to “open up a dialogue” about possibly raising the amount of funding the fire company is receiving from the township. As background, Conewago Township does not have its own […]

Castaway Critter of the Week