2020-06-18 E-Edition

‘You Guys Brought Me to Tears’

FREE Black Lives Matter Event in H’town

On Saturday, June 13, Hummelstown made history with its largest-ever action for racial equality. The Black Lives Matter event, organized by Justin Douglas and Joshua Meyers, saw an estimated 500 people gather to voice their concerns about racial inequity in the Greater Hummelstown community. Black Lives Matter and other related protests have erupted across the country after the May 25 […]

Ferrari Turns 100

Frank Ferrari from Hershey can’t believe he made it to 100. One of eight children, he came from Argentina to New York in 1947. And on June 19, he will turn 100. “I’ve had a fantastic life, you know? Sometimes I can’t believe it,” Ferrari said. Soon after arriving in New York, Ferrari married his wife, Tita, in Saint Patrick’s […]

Good, Bad or Sideways

The term “freedom of speech” gets used a lot around here. As it does in most newsrooms, I suspect. Freedom of speech gives us the right to express our opinions without government restraint. Although, I’m not so sure one newsroom is living by this age-old mantra, which our founding fathers created when they wrote the Bill of Rights some 230 […]

From Where I Sit

I’m sure all of you have followed the protests over the past three weeks since the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis, Minn., police. Floyd’s death, on the heels of those of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, finally ignited the fuse of anger that has lived just below the surface of the Black Community in America. […]

Letters to the Editor

It’s honey bee swarm time and people in Sun Country are starting to find scenes like the photo (right) on their property. Honey bees are so incredibly important and we don’t want people to mistake them for ugly bees, like yellow jackets. Yesterday, my husband Travis was mowing our pasture and mowed under a swarm in a tractor with no […]

Notes From The Mayor

Here we are after three months of disruption and all are ready to go green. Our barbers and hair salons should be ready for some OT as they try to catch up. I hope that Pennsylvania doesn’t see the COVID increases like other states and we all should continue to follow the basic guidelines so we don’t see those spikes […]

Castaway Critter of the Week

The Sun Aerial Quiz

Traffic Forecast This Week Around Hershey

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