2021-07-29 E-Edition

On Par

Lower Dauphin alum Chad Stine hits a drive on the second tee at the W.B. Sullivan Invitational Golf Tournament on Friday, July 23. Stine, a regular at the tournament, said he plays for the camaraderie, not the competition. For more, see Page 12.

No Masks, New AD

On Monday, July 26, the Derry Township School Board passed a districtwide Health and Safety Plan to provide guidelines for the safe return of students to in-person classes this fall. The school district’s plan includes revised COVID-19 prevention strategies, such as mask wear, hand washing, contact tracing, vaccinations and ventilation. Notably, it fulfills an American Rescue Plan Act (ARP) requirement […]

The Real Scene

Last week my dad sent a bunch of random pictures in our family email chain. My favorite was a picture of John Wayne at age 23. What a handsome man (ladies, text me and I’ll send you the pic!). Over the past year we’ve seen some pretty amazing things in the housing market. And, speaking of John Wayne, call me […]

No Opinion

I hate political discussions. I used to not hate them. Discussions on politically-charged subjects used to be like competitive banter to me. It felt like a football game, where both sides would meet at the 50-yard line, shake hands and then it was on. At the end of the contest, you shook hands again and didn’t leave the field, bitter, […]

Letters to the Editor

We have one letter to share this week, but before we get started I have two announcements. First, an apology to Cocoa Kayak, whose website was printed incorrectly in last week’s issue. The website is: cocoakayak.com Go check them out! Next, we will take our annual summer break after we put out the Aug. 5 issue. Our office will be […]

50 Years Ago

From The Sun July 28, 1971: The Hummelstown Fuzzy Few Organization is sponsoring their annual Carnival at Borough Park from August 9 through 14. President Oscar Fors reports there will be over 50 stands featuring games, food and entertainment and that many new rides have been added this year. The Hummelstown High School Class of 1921 recently observed its golden […]

From Where I Sit

Do you sometimes get that feeling that everybody is out to get you? I’m kind of in that state recently. Regular readers will recall that in my June 24 column, I was reporting the downsizing of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News with the shutting down of their not-that-old, multi-million dollar printing plant. Likewise, the Lebanon Daily News was gone […]

Notes From The Pen

There’s a common misconception that inmates have literally nothing but time on their hands, and that everyone’s going to leave prison just shy of being a bodybuilder. Sorry to burst anybody’s bubbles, but the next Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t here, and this couldn’t be anything further from the truth, for many reasons. I can agree that inmates do in fact have […]

Castaway Critter of the Week