2021-09-02 E-Edition


This wreck on Hersheypark Drive at Hotel Road in Derry Township on Aug. 25 was a lot worse than it looked, as no serious injuries were reported. The same could not be said for two other wrecks in Sun Country during the past week. For more, see Page 4 and 5.


Friday night football is back, as Hershey and Palmyra took the field this week to open up the 2021 campaign. The Palmyra cheerleaders made the trip to Solanco to cheer on the orange and black. For more, see Sports.

Bat Vandals Busted

Police in Middletown have arrested three men in connection to the rash of vehicle vandalizations that occurred in South and North Londonderry townships and Palmyra Borough. According to Middletown Police, the trio also damaged 30 vehicles in Middletown Borough during the overnight hours between Aug. 25 and Aug. 26 before they were arrested around 3:30 a.m. The three men charged […]

What Happens Now?

Residents of the Palmyra Area School District may have fought one of the last mask vs. no-mask battles in the state, following Governor Tom Wolf’s orders Tuesday, Aug. 31 that every school district in Pennsylvania mask up, effectively taking the decision away from school boards. But before Wolf’s order, the debate raged on at Palmyra’s Thursday, Aug. 26 meeting, where […]

Letters to the Editor

It’s refreshing to see a politician step forward and take ownership of a problem they personally have a hand in creating. As Frank correctly notes, the financial burden that he and the rest of the PSERS board vote to pass on to the Palmyra school district, “is reflected in your property taxes each year and currently represents 34.94% of payroll.” […]

Not Worth Dying For

Stereotypes exist for a reason … because most of them are true. It’s not a popular notion this day and age, but sometimes stereotypes are unavoidable. And sometimes they can be useful when you want to know what to expect. Like, what type of crowd to expect when a concert is in town. Fans of Luke Bryan are a drinking […]

From Where I Sit

A couple interesting happenings took place during our recent Ocracoke Island, N.C. vacation. The first one started right here in Campbelltown at Traditions of Hershey when I had a visit from Pat Krebs of the village with a somewhat unusual request. We made arrangements to meet and she proceeded to explain that she and husband Ed had vacationed for several […]

Notes From The Mayor

There are so many issues going on these days. We have hurricanes, floods, drought areas, wildfires, etc., and that’s just in the US. We continue to see Americans and others trying to get out of Afghanistan with the deadline here and gone by the time this goes to print. The outcome probably will not be good for those trying to […]

View From Dove Hill

I like to put a tasty, easy meal on the table. This one’s for you, Ethel. Pat chopped meat into medium small patties. I used ground chuck and some ground pork. You could use any kind of chopped meat, about 1½ lbs. for four people. Mix a package of Lipton’s onion soup and 1 tsp pepper into it. Brown them. […]