2022-01-13 E-Edition

We Live Outdoors

This Canada Lynx yawns after a long winter’s nap at ZooAmerica on Saturday, Jan. 8. For the Lynx, the bitter cold is merely a mild chill compared to what we humans feel. For more, see the Photo Album on Page 3.

PSP Horses Will Roam

The horses used in the Pennsylvania State Police’s Mounted Unit will soon be grazing in the fields along Hersheypark Drive. The horses stable and pasture, which is located on top of the hill near the Pennsylvania State Police Academy, is being expanded to give the horses more room to roam, according to state police spokesman Brent Miller. The newly expanded […]

Teacher Beats COVID

When Laura Spangenberg, a special education teacher from Hummelstown, struggled to overcome COVID-19 last year, doctors told her family she likely wouldn’t live. But after months of recovery – including 31 days in an induced coma, breathing on a ventilator and undergoing a tracheotomy – Laura now sits upright in her living room, thankful to have survived what 836,000 other […]

Letters to the Editor

Before we open the mailbag, here’s a note from our Business Manager … Late last year, the Federal Trade Commission fired a shot across the bow of the many subscription services – like online newspapers, TV streamers and satellite radio services – that make it easy to subscribe and nearly impossible to cancel. “Today’s enforcement policy statement makes clear that […]

Flying South

I don’t think anyone hates the cold more than me. From the time I can remember being cold, I hated being cold. My hands used to get so red from being outside in the cold, I’d get sent to the nurse’s office because they thought something was wrong with me. Nope, just cold. As you can imagine, I absolutely hate […]

From Where I Sit

Didn’t report on our family Christmas this year … as it hasn’t happened yet! The original plan was, as has become the family custom, for Rosemary and I to travel to Broomall to daughter Tracy and son-in-law Rob’s on Christmas Eve day, getting there in time for a light dinner and my traditional reading of “The Night Before Christmas” to […]

Notes From The Mayor

It’s Farm Show week and we all know what that means: winter weather. We had a snow event last Friday, and I just got done salting after the ice-freezing rain storm Sunday. On the news last week was the reported maximum age that we should shovel snow, 45. Those of us that are older and still shovel clearly never got […]

Notes From The Pen

Idle time is something we each face day in and day out. As I awaited my release, I recall trying to figure out how I was going to utilize my time each and every day in the most productive way possible. It didn’t seem like there would be enough time each day to accomplish everything I planned to do. But […]

We Live Outdoors