2022-09-29 E-Edition

It’s Fall, Have Fun!

Chilly temps are just around the corner, however, there was still a little time for a good ol’ dousing of water at the 53rd annual Conewago Country Fair on Saturday, Sept. 24. For more fall fun, see Page 3.

Another Brewery Coming

Maritza’s House of Style will eventually be torn down. It’s just a matter of when. But now we also know why. The owner of the property, Talisman 7 Ventures, which also owns the Bowser building, plans to construct “a pub and brewery tasting room” adjacent to Maritza’s, according to a decision memorandum authored by Hummelstown Borough following the conditional use […]

Letters to the Editor

When I fought the development of Chipotle in Hershey years ago and put my neck on the line, I stated it was not because I was afraid of competition, but terrified of what our historic downtown would become. When every zoning law was broken, exempted, and pushed aside, I watched and waited. I also stated that, after one exemption, the […]

The Zombie House


If there ever is a zombie invasion in Sun Country, I know where I’m going. It’s the house on the hill. The house on Wood Road in Derry Township that hasn’t been occupied in close to a decade after its previous owners passed away in 2013. Nobody would bother you during a zombie invasion, because the home looks unassuming and […]

From Where I Sit

Did you watch the Emmy Awards program Monday night Sept. 12? Neither did I. Granted, I was attending the Lower Dauphin School Board meeting from 7 to after 9 p.m., but when I got home, it was Monday night, NFL football for me. Apparently I wasn’t alone as post-program reports were that it was the most poorly viewed Emmys in […]

Notes From The Mayor

It was good to read in The Sun about the ongoing issues that all municipalities have with complying with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), unfunded mandates and their storm water programs, all in trying to help the Chesapeake Bay water quality. These mandates are in five-year increments and no one knows what the next one will look like. The […]

View From Dove Hill

My article was so long last week that I didn’t get to mention all the people I ran into at the Arts Fest. We saw Sandy Grimes and her lovely daughter, a Spanish teacher at Derry Township. We saw Mauree and Cal Gingrich from Hershey. Mauree has recently retired from the political life in Lebanon County and now are both […]

Castaway Critter of the Week

It’s Fall, Have Fun!