A ‘Sweet Ride’ in HersheyFree Access


Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft reinvented how you get from point A to point B; especially during a night out with friends.

Before rideshare services, there was a taxi or maybe a bus.

Sure, each have their own pros and cons in terms of cost, reliability and safety.

But can you have all the pros?

Chase Kozlowski and Mike Kucharski from Derry Township think they have the answer.

The pair is planning to launch a free transportation service, Sweet Ride Transportation, this fall, that could change how you spend an evening in the Hershey area.

The service will use small electric passenger vehicles, which will make stops at various Hershey-area establishments on a dedicated route.

Co-founders Kucharski and Kozlowski said the service will not only cater to tourists, but residents also.

It will be rolled out in phases and is expected to launch this fall, the pair said.

“We believe we can help reputable businesses and get people out to these establishments in a very clean and safe way,” Kucharski said.

The venture already has the backing of many area establishments, the Hershey entities and township officials, who have lauded the service, Kozlowski said.

There will be stops on the most eastern and western part of the town and everything in between, Kozlowski said.

The electric passenger vehicles will be operated by a direct-employee driver, not a contractor.

“We want to be the anti-Uber,” Kozlowski said.

The pair said more details will be unveiled shortly as the service nears its launch date.

For more info, visit Sweet Ride Transportation’s Instagram page at @sweetridehershey.

For employment inquires, email info@sweetridetransportation.com.

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