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For sale or …Free Access

1232 Wood Road. Photo: Nathan Merkel.

It has sat vacant for years overlooking the rolling fields between Waltonville and Bullfrog Valley roads in Derry Township.

It would make a nice home for someone, if not for any other reason, but for the beautiful view.

But is the “zombie house” on Wood Road for sale?

The owner of the property says no, but he told The Sun he could be interested in a cash offer.

The address of the property is 1232 Wood Road and is owned by Trusted Source Capital LLC, which purchased the property in 2013 for $222,5000, according to Dauphin County tax records.

The property is assessed at $252,200, according to tax records.

The person who answered the phone at a number associated with the business told The Sun he is planning to fully renovate the house, which is 2,815 square feet, and eventually list it for sale.

“Right now we’re not going to do anything with the property,” he said.

According to the tax records, the house was built in 1978 and was sold in 1987 for $219,000.

Tax records also show that Trusted Source owes $16,658.43 in back taxes for 2017 and 2018.

You can find contact info for Trusted Source on the company’s Facebook page by searching “Trusted Source Capital, LLC” in the search bar.

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