Bob at The Movies

“They don’t make them like this anymore”. There’s a slippery phrase. If some­one used this phrase to sell you a car, what would you think they meant? You’re supposed to think that it’s a classic, that it’s from an era before everything got soft and cars were allowed to look cool. But it can just as easily mean that it’s […]

Religious Writ

We heard about a fellow who took a visitor to church and became angry when the pastor’s sermon was about hell. Well, let it be said that Jesus spoke about hell. GEHENNA is the Greek word for hell, the place of eternal punishment. It is used on 13 occasions in the New Testament, 12 of which Jesus was the teacher. […]

From Where I Sit

Still enjoying Ireland on Thursday, Oct. 28. Up early for breakfast and had some time to read while Tracy and Rosemary took the grandkids to an indoor playground for kids (not a bad idea with all the rain in Ireland). Greenmount House had a good library, something I was finding is typical in Irish households, and read from a book […]

Piccola’s Report

Our Capital City is home to a healthy workforce as several thousand employees travel each day to Harrisburg from commu­nities throughout Central Pennsylvania including Hummelstown and Hershey. This workforce includes over 81,000 state employ­ees, many of whom are suburban commuters and contribute to the local economy and the overall economic prosperity of Har­risburg. However despite their contributions, these commuters should […]

Shine a Light

Essays from our readers

Toy From Real; Right From Wrong By Ed Ponessa While proofreading my boss’s editorial (elsewhere on this page), I was in pretty much complete agreement with him until near the end when he mentioned toy guns. I agreed with him that exercising one’s right to own a firearm comes with the re­sponsibility of teaching ev­eryone in the household the do’s […]

Notes from the Mayor

This being the time of year to give thanks, I feel it only appropriate that we take a few minutes and review the many things that have transpired this past year that I feel are blessings for the town and the surrounding community. First and foremost here in the Borough was the grand (and I mean grand) opening of our […]

Elder Express

Enjoy the Gift of a Lift From Elder Express!

For a special holiday treat take the Elder Express “Mystery Dinner” outing on Sunday, Dec. 12. Holidays mean extra shopping! Join the “SURPRISE” Shopping trip on Thursday, Dec. 23, or take a Grocery Shopping trip any Wednesday around 1 p.m. To reserve a seat on any of these trips call 566-7000. The volunteers who make Elder Express go will gather […]

Castaway Critter of the Week

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Defenders of the Light: Airman Andrew Jakubik

Hummelstown’s Andrew Jakubik II, a 2007 Lower Dau­phin grad, successfully completed basic military training at Lackland AFB in Texas on Nov. 12. “His mother Krista, sis­ter Katie, brother Joe and grandma Miriam Baker are VERY PROUD of him!” Subscription Required! You must be an active subscriber to access this content! Please Login below or Subscribe!

Forshey, Hupfer: LD’s Oct. SoMs

Megan Hupfer has been named Young Woman of the Month for October by the Hummelstown Woman’s Club. Hupfer, the daughter of Jack and Judy Hupfer, has made a name for herself at Lower Dauphin High School as an accomplished musician, student and community member. She is a four-year member and drum major with the marching band. She is a four-year […]