Work In Progress

Bridge Reopened

As the three week mark passes since Tropical Storm Lee drenched and flooded Sun Country, the cleanup effort remains in full tilt for residents and area businesses. But for some, that cleanup effort hasn’t even begun, because some homes and businesses are just too dangerous to enter. In Derry Township, nearly 65 structures have been tagged as either “dangerous” or […]


‘A More Natural Way’

Scrambled Eggs and Baby

“Over the years we have been looking at things in a more natural way,” said Tricia Hopkins of Hummelstown as one of the reasons that she and her husband Joseph decided to have their fourth child at home with a midwife rather than in a hospital. Their daughter Elise, a 7 lb. 4 oz healthy baby girl, came into their […]

From Where I Sit

Want to wrap up reporting on our annual excursiontoOcracokeIsland, North Carolina, filling in a couple things I mentioned earlier. I referred to the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) ship we found docked at Ocracoke. We learned it was there as part of a summer-long search for ships lost in World War II off Cape Hatteras. These shipwrecks are located […]

Letters to the Editor

A big, big thank you to our family, friends, and co- workers who come to help our son Scott with the massive clean-up at his home on Hoernerstown Road. Also thanks to the Red Cross who stopped by with food and cleaning supplies. Ray and Lois Minich Thank you for the articles you published in the special edition concerning the […]


After a long summer of traffic troubles around Sun Country, Brad Tinkham of South Hanover Township wrote with a suggestion… When considering the long term future of our communities, let’s get out of the box. One of our major problems, particularly during tourist season, is vehicle traffic. Any future road and highway improvements to alleviate this problem will be expensive […]

Castaway Critter of the Week

Defenders of the Light: DIA Intelligence Analyst

Ethan Goble, 1983-2011

Ethan Goble, a cyber specialist and intelligence ana­lyst with the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), died Sept. 22 in Taiwan. According to a DIA spokesperson, Goble was on of­ficial travel in Taipei, Taiwan when he was killed following a “vehicle accident.” According to sources in this area and a report from Taiwan’s Central News Agency, Goble was involved in a […]


Piccola’s Report

Our nation and state libraries have been forced to undergo drastic changes during the last few years. While the traditional li­brary was mainly a space to house physical books and journals, the library of today has developed into a “world library” with access to enormous amounts of information and resources. No doubt, libraries have be­come important arenas for ‘learning about […]