Going Banas

Briarcrest Burns … Again

Your Identity in a Stranger’s Mailbox

Derry Forms Debacle

More than 2,000 Derry Township residents have had sensitive personal informa­tion – including their names, addresses and Social Security numbers – disclosed by the Derry Township Tax Collec­tion Association. The snafu came with IRS Form 1099s mailed by the Association to residents who received local tax refunds. The forms have the name and personal information of one resident at the […]


Lots and Lots of Public Input

For Conewago Park

Leading off the Conewago Township Park “Master Plan” meeting, Lauren Zumbrun from Rettew Associates explained, “One thing DCNR likes to see is public input.” Well, DCNR – that is, the Pennsylvania De­partment of Conservation and Natural Resources, which will decide whether to provide state grant money for the park project – should be pleased. Rettew’s Eric Brinser led a crowd […]

From Farmland to Cancer Labs

HCAR Growth Accelerates

More construction is coming to the grounds where the Hershey Center for Ap­plied Research (HCAR) is located off Bullfrog Valley Road in Derry Township. New Zealand-based Pacific Edge has announced plans to construct a new 11,348 square-foot build­ing adjacent to the existing HCAR complex. Construction is expect­ed to begin in August, and the new facility will bring 100 jobs to […]

Letters to the Editor

I can go to Zoo America and stand approximately 6 feet from a 170 LB. male mountain lion, named Stanley. At that same exhibit, I can talk to a petite female mountain lion, named Rosa. Rosa is from California and she is absolutely beautiful! I believe she knows it, too! When I talk to Rosa, she looks directly at me! […]

Notes from the Super

Chairman of the Derry Township Board of Supervisors Ground is Finally Broken for Stormwater and Sewer Improvement Projects Work is finally beginning on a project that will improve stormwater and sewer issues in three areas of the township. The improvements will include the installation of 4,500 feet of sanitary sewer line, 12,500 feet of storm drains, realigning a tributary of […]

Your Name Here

A little while back, I received a letter from someone praising their Areba Avenue neighbors for all the help they provided during – and after – the flooding of Tropical Storm Lee. The letter writer detailed how one family provided dinners, rebuilt homes and even brought Christmas gifts for weary families still recovering from the flood. It’s a nice letter, […]

From Where I Sit

It was a busy week, but before going further, I wish to apologize to Lower Dau­phin head football coach Rob Klock. In my article in the Jan. 26 edition of The Sun on the Jan. 23 Lower Dau­phin School Board meeting, I reported the figures for the number of players reporting out for the team 10 years ago was about […]