Under Siege?

Hang ‘Em High

FREE The Good Ol’ Days

Warning: This article contains explicit details of murders and deaths. Every day when I watch the news, there is a new story about a murder in Harrisburg, and I think about how lucky I am to live in Sun Country where murders and horrible deaths don’t happen. But, have things always been this way in Sun Country? Unfortunately, the answer […]

A Common Goal?

In Derry Township

Derry Township will unveil its “draft vision statement” on land use Saturday, March 31, 2 p.m., at the Her­shey Public Library. Technically, the statement has no legal impact, but it’s part of the pro­cess of developing the township’s new “Comprehensive Plan” – a.k.a., “Comp Plan” – and that new plan could have a direct impact on hundreds, perhaps thousands, of […]

Derry To Get Polled


Facing a shortfall in the 2012-13 proposed budget, Derry Township School District superintendent Richard Faidley said he wants residents’ help. The budget and other related issues were the key talk­ing points during the Derry Township School Board meeting, Monday, March 26. Soon, every resident in Derry Township will receive a sur­vey in the mail that will help the school district […]

Letters to the Editor

Before diving into the mailbag, we’ve got to give a shout out to Jamison Hankins, Tim Torres and Bryce Detweiler – the student team (left) that imagineered the Photo Album in last week’s issue. Their creativity won them a spot in The Sun plus $250. Congratulations! Now, welcome back my friends to the show that never ends … I took […]

From Where I Sit

Spent a wonderful afternoon Sunday before last when Rosemary and I traveled to The Worship Center in Leola for a concert titled “Tribute to the Greatest Generation” by the New Holland Band. If you never heard of this organization, it has been around since 1829 and is actually three bands in one; a marching band, combo band and swing band. […]

Castaway Critter of the Week

Hi There!

This week, three thousand or so extra homes are getting The Sun in the mail, and so, it’s probably a good time for us to introduce ourselves to all of you new folks. Who are we? It’s really pretty simple. We are you. We live here with you. We work here with you. We fight the same traffic. We pay […]

Boom, Boom

Police News

The information here is based on official police reports. Charges made may vary from the final disposition of cases. DERRY TOWNSHIP CRASH ON MIDDLETOWN ROAD A Middletown woman was charged for driving at an unsafe speed following a two-vehicle crash at the intersection of Middletown and Wood roads, Friday, March 17, around 4:45 p.m. Police said Samantha Hoover was traveling […]