Factory Going! Hotel Coming?

The Certificate of Appropriateness to demolish much of the “19 East” chocolate factory was granted by the Derry Township Design Review Board (DRB) at its Nov. 5 meeting by a vote of 4-2. More than 50 residents attended the nearly three-hour meeting with more than a dozen standing along the back wall as representatives from The Hershey Company presented its […]


The GOP ‘Shellshocked’

Even in Sun Country

In front of the Cocoa Beanery on the morning of Elec­tion Day, a group of voters gathered along the sidewalk, waiting for 7 a.m., waiting for the polling place to open. And as it did, they turned toward the door, and one said, “Let’s go vote for change.” But it wasn’t the change the GOP expected. Yes, preliminary figures indicate […]

No Property Tax Hike?

In Hummelstown

If the Hummelstown Borough Council decides to adopt the preliminary budget presented to it at a special meeting on Oct. 31, there will be no increase in the borough real estate tax in 2013. There will, however, likely be a $4 per quarter hike in sewer rates, from $101 to $105. Refuse rates are expected to remain the same. Hum­melstown […]

Letters to the Editor

Over the years, the Hershey Interests have leveled many of the structures built by Mr. Hershey–the Starlight Ballroom, Tea House, Hershey Creamery, Cocoa Inn, Women’s Club, Hershey Train Station, and a number of stately homes along Chocolate Avenue. Now, the wrecking ball will soon level a good part of the iconic chocolate factory. In its heyday, its chocolate aroma would […]

Castaway Critter of the Week


As I write this, a day or so after Hurricane Sandy made landfall in New Jersey, about 244,000 electric customers are living without power in Lower Manhattan. And more than 270,000 customers are without electricity in West Virginia. But guess who you’re hearing more about? No, not West Virginia, where Sandy dumped more than two feet of snow. Nor have […]

From Where I Sit

Expected to be writing a lot this week about the re­sults of Hurricane Sandy on our immediate area. The pre­dictions were it was to be a more severe storm than last year’s Lee, but for our area at least, it didn’t turn out that way. With Lee, we lost power for a couple of days and when we had the […]

The Ghost of Chocolate Past

Police News

The information here is based on official police reports. Charges made may vary from the final disposition of cases. HUMMELSTOWN INFANT ALLEGEDLY LEFT IN CAR Police have charged a Hummelstown woman they say left her infant child in a car unattended, Friday, Nov. 2, on South Hanover Street. Carolyn M. Astfalk, 41, of Middletown Road, was charged with leaving an […]