“Captain Phillips”

                “Captain Phillips” is a movie that gets progressively better. It starts out almost painfully bad and it builds to perhaps the best ending scene of the year. You’ll probably start off feeling pretty smug since the real-life story was big news back in 2009. Obviously, that gives the movie an element of predictability. But somewhere along the way your […]

Line Pressure to Double

‘Mariner East Project’

Your car tires are filled with air at a pressure of around 32 pounds per square inch (psi). Soon, Sun Country could have a pipeline filled with Marcellus Shale gas at a pressure of around 1,400 psi. The Sun has learned that Sunoco Logistics pipeline that runs across multiple Sun Country municipalities – including (west to east) Londonderry, Conewago, Derry […]

More New Homes

PASD Sells Land

The Palmyra Area School District [PASD] board cast a unanimous roll call vote at its Oct. 10 meeting to approve a Letter of Intent between the PASD and the Dwight E. Wagner Family Limited Partnership II for the sale of 20.2497 acres of land of Ridge Road property. The purchase price is $500,000, of which $211,250 will be paid to […]

Yanna Sees ‘The Utter Destruction’

The devastation that Hurricane Sandy left behind was enormous. The Jersey Shore had to start a tourism campaign slogan, “Stronger than the Storm,” to aid in the economic rebuild. We heard of the damage and crisis in their area, but have they ever heard about ours? Tropical Storm Lee hit in September 2011, inflicting historical flooding upon Londonderry Township, destroying […]

Letters to the Editor

Here is a picture I took at the Wednesday, Oct 9th game. Hershey Junior High Varsity vs. Middletown football game at Middletown’s War Memorial Field. The sky was beautiful and temperatures perfect for football. Steph Cieszynski Wow! Many thanks! Back in February, I wrote to The Sun about the quartermillion dollar ball park built for the Hershey girls softball team. […]

Darwin Rules

Regular readers know how I feel about big things. I think they’re bad. Very bad. Big businesses, big churches, big banks and big “non-profits” are all the same. With their massive internal bureaucracies, they’re inherently inefficient, and with ready access to “other people’s money,” they’re frequently corrupt. And of course, the worst of the bigs is big government. It’s bad […]

Shine a Light

Essays from our readers Church Aids ‘Wounded Warriors’ By Julian Richter Hershey Free Church is partnering with the Middletown VFW to help “wounded warriors.” The church is collecting wheelchairs, crutches and other devices to give to veterans. The project began this year through discussion between Paul Wiedensaul, manager of Compassion Ministries, and retired Lieutenant Colonel John Holtzman, who attends the […]

From Where I Sit

There is an old joke among the old car crowd … if it’s Hershey weekend, it’s going to rain. As I described in last week’s column, what I am referring to is the Antique Automobile Club of America’s (AACA) annual Eastern Fall Meet, which is always held in Hershey the second week and weekend of October. As most local residents […]

Castaway Critter of the Week

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Real Fun Is Actual, Not Virtual

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