“The Nut Job”

          Thanks a lot, “I, Frankenstein.” On Friday I paid $14.50 to see the weekend’s only new wide release thinking it would have to be #1 at the weekend box office, or at least make the most money of any movie I hadn’t reviewed yet. It bombed, coming in sixth place. In order to see the highest-ranking holdover, I had […]


What Do You Get for $149,198?

If you had $150,000 to spend on our schools, would you spend … – $750 on a three-hour conference call? – $1,700 to block a political foe? – $10,000 to get PR advice from “a boutique strategic communications practice”? – All of the above and more? In 2012, The Sun revealed that Derry Township School District had paid at least […]

UNREDACTED Extra: A ‘Pipe Dream’

In 2009, the Derry Township Board of Supervisors gave Hershey Office LP approval to build a hotel on the Miller Chevrolet site on East Chocolate Avenue. But last fall, Hershey Office LP filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy (aka “reorganization”). According to Dauphin County tax records as of Jan. 24, Hershey Office LP owed more than $80,000 in delinquent property taxes […]

UNREDACTED Extra: Sheehan Reacts

The Sun asked board president Maryellen Sheehan for her reaction to the unredacted documents: I just received the information and haven’t had a chance to get through the 500+ pages. I was hoping to get answers to questions that I had asked 18 months ago that had gone unanswered. However, the documents create more questions than answers. When the members […]


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South Needs judge to Defend Your Vote

Twice each year, Americans get a structure to have a say in who is at the helm of their ship of state. These opportunities are the primary election – this year May 20 – and the general election – this year Nov. 4. Manning Sun Country polling places are friends and neighbors who have chosen to help defend the democratic […]

Letters to the Editor

We warned you our Jan. 16 aerial quiz (right) would be tough, and it was. Only 11 readers identified all of the locations correctly. And one of those had some great stories to go along with the answers … 1. Balsbaugh United Christian Church on 322 Hershey. The church I attended when I was young. Had my first car accident […]

From Where I Sit

This is one of the best weeks of the year, but also the saddest … that is if you are a football fan. The Super Bowl between Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos offense against Richard Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks defense should make for a tremendous game this coming Sunday. But … it’s the very last game of the […]

Good Faith

I’ve been wrapped up in politics and government since 1968 when my mother made me march up and down the shopping center in Lewistown wearing a sandwich sign for Nixon. Yup, Nixon. Thank goodness no photographs exist. I’ve worked with hundreds of public officials as a campaign volunteer, political operative, political writer and newspaper editor, and I am enormously sympathetic […]

Castaway Critter of the Week

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