“If I Stay”

            “If I Stay” is a pretty depressing teen romance about a young couple who love, lose, and one of them might die. It’s based on one of those “YA” (Young Adult) books that are so hot as film projects right now. There’s a temptation to compare it to “The Fault in Our Stars,” another teen romance where the characters […]

You Are …

What happens if you’re pulled over for drunk driving? Find out on Page 3. Photo: Nathan Merkel.

Sun Country Volunteers Build A Home For Honor

Honor and Izzy, a pair of English Setters, frolic happily in their newly built, fenced-in play yard of their foster home in Hershey. When Dwight and Phyllis Kuhn found out the dogs – pets of a wounded Marine helicopter pilot undergoing a long recovery at Bethesda Naval Hospital – needed a place to live, they agreed to take them. Members […]

‘We Are Hopeful’

422 Sinkhole Repair Delayed

Construction on the Route 422 sinkhole project in North Londonderry Township came to a halt after the contractor ran into a problem while drilling. “Basically, we encountered an issue when we started drilling for the caissons and rock sockets,” PennDOT’s Mike Crochunis said. “Two additional caissons were designed and now the project is on hold until additional steel rebar is […]

DTSD Unveils ‘Investigation Summary’

‘No and Probably Not’

A curtain was pulled on the many controversies over “past practices” by the Derry Township School Board on Monday, Aug. 25, as the current board released an “investigation summary” prepared by the law firm of Hartman, Underhill & Brubaker. That firm had been hired following the election of three new board members last fall and amid public calls for an […]

Letters to the Editor

I am glad to see that the paving on Main St. is nearing completion, it was long overdue and the smooth roads will be nice while they last. The trolley tracks will ghost through in 2-3 years like they always do, shame that never gets taken care of. I also have some concern about the way the work was done, […]

Shine a Light

Men With Eggs In its Aug. 3 issue, the Washington Post stated that “at one polluted site in the Susquehanna (watershed) near Hershey, Pa., 100 percent of male smallmouth bass (SMB) that were sampled had eggs.” As much out of some bad futuristic flick as that sounds, that news comes from a new U.S. Geological Survey based on fish collected […]

From Where I Sit

Just before I left for The Sun’s annual vacation week, Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse launched his attack on the National Civil War Museum, the near-iconic collection of Civil War memorabilia and lore located atop reservoir hill in the city. Its creation was the mission of former mayor/historian Steve Reed in his quest to create some things of substance to bring […]

Stupid Editor

Yes, it’s late August. Vacations have ended. School has started. And suddenly, everybody is trying to get everything done that they didn’t get done over the summer. Well, we can’t paint your house, but we can help with some other things … Q: Our club/church/charity has a car wash/chicken BBQ/soccer clinic coming up. How can we get it into the […]

Castaway Critter of the Week