Lazy Days

School is still a week or so away, and it’s too hot to do anything hard. But you could visit our friend Carmine. He’s in town on a date. For more, see Page 3. Photo: Nathan Merkel.

Leaning On the Library

‘We’re Annoyed’

Palmyra Public Library may be losing out on $40,000 worth of funding from North Londonderry Township as library representatives continue to discuss where the library should be. The plans, or lack thereof, were discussed once again during the Aug. 17 meeting of the North Londonderry Township Board of Supervisors. Library representative Don Bliss said the library hasn’t received the township’s […]

‘It’s on Us’

Oil Train Crash?

Norfolk Southern railroad recently held a training session for area first responders, and that session was discussed by Hummelstown Borough Council during its Aug. 13 meeting. Councilwoman Dee VanGavree said that roughly 50-60 first responders attended the event. She said first responders have an app that will allow them to identify what a train is carrying if an accident occurs. […]

A Good Neighbor?

Venice North

Even before representatives from Hershey Trust Company could address the South Hanover Township (SHT) Board of Supervisors at its meeting Aug. 11 about moving forward on the Milton Hershey School (MHS) Venice North expansion, several members of the public had comments to make. Resident Pam Brian addressed the board regarding the location of two proposed MHS student homes to be […]

Letters to the Editor

Recent articles and letters in The Sun advocate four-way stop signs. Quite frankly, that is no where near the best solution. The best solution is to build roundabouts. Roundabouts reduce accidents by 78-82% (source: NY Times) Roundabouts calm traffic. Roundabouts save fuel. Roundabout ameliorate traffic problems. Building a roundabout only cost fractionally more than installing a traffic signal. And, unlike […]

The New, New Kids

I’m white. Whiter than Wonder Bread. Completely untoasted. I come from a plain vanilla pool of Anglo- Saxon genes. And, if the official family history is to be believed, the first Buffington came over on the second boat after the Mayflower. Which means my forefathers were here early enough to have taken part in the genocide of the Indians here […]

From Where I Sit

Sitting here looking out on Pamlico Sound, part of the inland waters from Ocracoke Island, North Carolina. The other side is the Atlantic Ocean. The island has been Rosemary’s and my escape for the past 25-plus years during our week’s vacation from The Sun. As I have said previously, I used to be somewhat hesitant about outlining our vacation adventures, […]

Castaway Critter of the Week

Ricky and Juliette share a touching love story that came out of the blue. The two had no connection until they both ended up in the care of Castaway Critters. Ricky was rescued from a local shelter; Juliette was found as a stray with an injured leg. Not only are they wonderful together, but they’re also very affectionate with people! […]

Lazy Days

Michael Returns

Homeless in Hummelstown

Remember Michael, the man whose story about being homeless was published in the July 30 issue of The Sun? On Aug. 10, Michael was walking on Route 22 in Colonial Park when a passerby pulled up behind him. The woman recognized his sign and backpack as he walked down the road and told Michael about an article that was published […]