“Goosebumps” is based in a series of kids’ books from the mid-90s. The books were advertised as scary, but more than anything they were just weird. Most of them saw a monster du jour making life difficult for a bland teenage main character until they got really dangerous and had to be stopped. The idea for the movie had […]


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Brandt Comes Back

Back to the Future In Conewago?

Past, present and future supervisors were in attendance at the Oct. 14 Conewago Township Supervisors’ meeting. It was a reminder of the abrupt changes of two of the three positions that occurred earlier this year. Those positions will be changing again after the Nov. 3 election. Inadvertently and timely to these changes, the board voted for new photo ID badges […]

Trader Joe’s? Fire Station?

Middletown Road

A discussion of development along Middletown Road brought about 50 citizens to the Derry Township Comprehensive Plan public hearing Oct. 14. Many of those 50 were residents of the Middletown Road area. One, Dennis Byrd, claimed to be working with developers to bring a grocery store to the area. He said he was working with Whole Foods Market and Trader […]

‘Categorically Denied’

Kassick v. Hummelstown

Ten days after the Kassick estate filed a federal civil rights suit against Lisa Mearkle, Hummelstown Borough and three of its officials, the borough responded by issuing this statement at the Oct. 15 meeting of the borough’s council: The Borough has received the civil complaint recently filed by Mr. Kassick’s estate. The allegations in the complaint concerning the alleged actions […]

Letters to the Editor

Before we get started, I need to make a couple of corrections … – In our Oct. 8 story, “A Bite of Blight,” we attributed a quote suggesting volunteer property checkers to Richard Shreve, but Mr. Shreve actually spoke against using volunteers. – In our Oct. 15 Letters, I messed up the editing of a sentence saying that Derry Township […]

From Where I Sit

Winter is arriving early. I had that brought home last Saturday afternoon when Rosemary and I went over to Hershey Stadium for the kid’s “Fun Runs” part of Sunday’s Hershey Half Marathon. Didn’t wear a hat and only had on a light vest as the north winds blew through the stadium. It didn’t stop the enthusiasm of the youngsters, who […]

Castaway Critter of the Week

Ziva is a very sweet, affectionate, young female who came to Castaway Critters with her three adorable kittens. Baby Cooper was featured as our Pet of the Week over the summer, along with his identical brother, Calvin and Connor. They’ve all found new homes, and now their mother is looking for hers. Ziva is a special mom. She not only […]

Sun Rise

I love fall. I love the cool nights, warm days, football and falling leaves. But the one thing I hate about fall is the fading sunlight. Fortunately, you’ve been helping with that problem. Almost eight years ago, Debbie and I bought The Sun. In retrospect, it probably wasn’t the brightest idea. The recession was just beginning, and newspapers were already […]

You Can’t Hide Your Halloween Eyes

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