“The Jungle Book”

            While Disney continues to put out new hits like “Zootopia,” it’s also working hard to update its old hits. The live-action version of “Cinderella” was one of the ten biggest movies of 2015. Even more impressive is that the new live-action version of “The Jungle Book” opened to over $100 million this past weekend. It’s a commercially impressive trend. […]

Hidden, But Happening

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Bleating for Brandt

Jay Brandt may not count sheep to fall asleep, but the dairy farmer says he has them back on his property, again. This most recent sheep’s appearance on Brandt’s farm allegedly started when high winds caused a tree on neighboring Eric Fackler’s property to fall, creating an opening in a fence. A bull also made an appearance this time. Brandt […]

Any Citizen Can

Mearkle, P.I.

Lisa Mearkle left the Hummelstown police force in January, but Hummelstown’s government is still dealing with the controversies surrounding her. In its April 14 issue, The Sun reported on Mearkle’s involvement in the recent arrest of Timlin Anderson. Anderson said Mearkle was the tipster who led to her arrest for possession of a small amount of marijuana and for possession […]

Races That Matter

April 26 Election On Tuesday, April 26, registered voters in Pennsylvania will get to play a bit part in the political circus that has been the presidential campaign. But voters here will play a much more important role in determining who represents us in the state House and Senate … you know, the people who actually set our tax rates, […]

Governor Tom Wolf

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Letters to the Editor

I have to say, I found your “Mearkle on Patrol” headline humorous. I believe you do love to shake things up on the front page. I don’t think we would even have this article if Lisa was reporting domestic violence or a DUI driver. Is she to close her eyes now and ignore illegal activity, I would think the residents […]

That’s Life

Lawmakers slammed office doors in their faces, accusing them of using their children’s medical problems as a “Trojan Horse” to allow everyone in Pennsylvania to smoke pot. One high-ranking politician’s screaming tirade was so disturbing and insulting it left them shaking afterward; another opponent told the group he wanted to talk only “with the lawyer chick.” They were called potheads, […]

United We Stand

Let’s say you’re a lobbyist. Yes, I hear you laughing, but hey, a whole lot of folks in the political industry live right here in Sun Country. It’s a nice place to live and close to the capital. So why not? And now let’s say you’re a high-level lobbyist working on one side or the other of a big-money issue, […]

From Where I Sit

As promised a few weeks back when I took my nostalgic 1970 walk down both sides of Hummelstown’s Main Street, here are additions and corrections. Starting on East Main Street, it was Fazio’s Sporting Goods at 103 East Main, now Palermo’s pizza. And, as it closed shortly after, it then was taken over by former councilman Richard E. Myers and […]