‘The Angry Birds Movie’

            As a rule, movies based on video games are always terrible. There isn’t a single one that could be considered a critical darling. “Wreck-it Ralph” doesn’t count; it technically made up its derivative main characters. “The Angry Birds Movie” tries to buck this trend by being based on game with a non-traditional format (a phone app as opposed to […]

Who Owns Middletown Road?

It’s no longer a question of “if.” Middletown Road is becoming Sun Country’s own “Miracle Mile,” a highdensity strip of homes and stores and businesses similar to the Carlisle Pike. The strip now has the requisite convenience stores – a Rutter’s, a Love’s, a Turkey Hill, and soon, a Sheetz – and “Master Plan” driven zoning changes are in the […]

‘How Did This Happen?’

DTSD Driver/Murder Suspect As a former teacher with three children of her own, one local woman instinctively knew something wasn’t quite right with the school van driver who dropped off the special needs kindergartener she babysat every afternoon. The driver was periodically late bringing the child home from the Hershey Early Childhood Center, sometimes by as much as 20 or […]

Letters to the Editor

This to commend The Sun for the front page article published in the May 19, 2016 issue regarding the community service project recently conducted by nine year-old Mia Caldonetti that benefited residents of Flint, Michigan who experienced high levels of lead in their water. SUEZ Vice President John Hollenbach learned about Mia’s cause during her car wash event, which raised initial […]


Police have identified the dead woman as 37-year-old Tomicka Stubbs of Hummelstown. – WGAL.com The brutal killing of Tomicka Stubbs is frustrating in all sorts of odd and awful ways. The first – and least important – is the error made by the many media outlets that messed up the “where” in the essential “who, what, when, where and why” […]

From Where I Sit

Was back in November 1863 last Friday as I took on the personage of William Hendricks, the first editor of the Hummelstown Sun as part of the Middletown Area Middle School’s “Civil War Day 2016.” This is the all-day event we put on every other year at the school in which the students get an all-day immersion in the American […]

Castaway Critter of the Week

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Apollo Awards

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Police News

The information here is based on official police reports. Charges may vary from the final disposition of cases. HUMMELSTOWN BB GUN DAMAGE Police are investigating two separate incidents in which windows were damaged by what appeared to be a BB shot from a BB gun, police said. The first incident was reported on the first block of Poplar Avenue and […]

Charge Against Rothrock Withdrawn

A charge of damaging a vehicle against Scott D. Rothrock, 47, in an October incident on Mae Street was withdrawn, according to court documents. Rothrock did plead guilty to a charge of improper passing in the Oct. 26 incident. If you have an update on the disposition of a case, email us at drew@thesunontheweb.com. Subscription Required! You must be an […]