“The Legend of Tarzan”

            One of my biggest problems with “The Legend of Tarzan” is that it plays like a sequel to a movie that was never made. Don’t get me wrong, I’m aware that we’ve had plenty of Tarzan movies before and that many of them cover his origin. But we’ve never had a Tarzan movie in this continuity before, a Tarzan […]


‘Go Get a Life’

Campbelltown Woman Shoots, Kills Husband

A long and rocky relationship has ended with the shooting death of a Palmyra man, 25-year-old David Urban. Police said Urban was shot by his wife, 25-year-old Kelly Weinhold, in their second-story apartment on 2703 Horseshoe Pike above the Horseshoe Pike Gun Shop in South Londonderry Township. Editor’s Note: Authorities have used both last names, “Weinhold” and “Urban”, to identify […]

‘A Neat Amenity’

At Shank Park A disc golf course is officially coming to Shank Park in Derry Township as the township’s supervisors approved the 18-hole course during its June 28 meeting. “Just by its name, obviously, it’s golf using a disc,” Director of Parks and Recreation Matt Mandia said. “Instead of clubs and a ball in golf, you use Frisbees of different […]

Simpson leaving HE&R

The long Goodbye Bill Simpson, the CEO of Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company (HE&R), has announced that he will leave the company Jan. 5, 2018. HE&R operates Hersheypark, The Hotel Hershey, Giant Center and other area tourist venues. It is one of the Hershey “entities,” that is, one of the organizations owned and/or controlled by the Milton Hershey School. Since […]

Letters to the Editor

I know these blurbs are typically meant to be about local matters, but I hope that I can take you and The Sun readers to a global scale for a minute. I am a 20-year-old, Hershey High School grad and current college student who recently returned to the U.S. after spending a week in Guatemala followed shortly by three weeks […]


You may have missed this gem from the Police News in last week’s issue of The Sun: Police charged 21-year-old Andrew E. Richey of Warminster with disorderly conduct in an alleged Sunday, June 19, incident on Clearwater Road. Police said Richey urinated in the wooded area across the street from the police station. It’s one of those little items that […]

That’s Life

Strange, scary things happen as we age: wrinkles materialize, body parts droop, memories fade, and aches and pains appear seemingly overnight. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve also noticed an undercurrent of apprehension creeping into my daily life that wasn’t there before. I approach things a little more cautiously, thinking about all the horrible things that could happen before I do […]

From Where I Sit

First off, a personal Thank You! Back in either March or early April, I mentioned in this column I was getting a new right hip and would be limping around for awhile. Shortly after, Editor Dave informed me someone had called, not leaving a name or reason, and asked what branch of the service I had been in, to which […]

Castaway Critter of the Week