“Jason Bourne”

            “Jason Bourne” gets off on the wrong foot by having a lame title. I guess the idea was to recover from the flop that was “The Bourne Legacy” by promising viewers that Jason Bourne would actually be involved in this one. But what it’s unofficially promising to do is break from the hot streak of the first three “Bourne” […]

FFO Carnival Kick Off

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‘Londonderry Mansion’

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Laredo Lassoes In Country Fan Base

At Fuzzy Few Take a whole lot of well-known popular Country music, mix in some friendly banter and light levity among the quartet, and what do you have? You have the hard-working and people pleasing band Laredo. But just who are these guys who play 100 dates a year at various fairs, festivals, private clubs and public venues? Generally speaking, […]

Last Men Standing?

UD Cemetery Two men stand together looking out over a grassy hillside dotted with lines of tombstones, some standing tall, others askew, pockmarked by weather and age. The two are William Root and John Hanshue, the last surviving members of the Union Deposit Cemetery Association. Root, 89, is president of the association; Hanshue, 93, is its treasurer. They have been […]

A Deal Reached

MHS/HTC Update Reforms are again coming to the Milton Hershey School/Hershey Trust Company boards following an investigation by the state attorney general’s office into the boards’ compensation and spending. On Friday, July 29, attorney general Kathleen Kane announced during a press conference that the AG’s office and the Trust had reached an agreement “that implements significant reforms to improve the […]

Letters to the Editor

After performing as Jerome in a sold out show of South Pacific at Hershey area Playhouse this evening, my son Logan and I did our regular routine of stopping at McDonalds in Hummelstown and going down Main Street to collect poke balls from poke stops at the square. We stopped at the square to order from JoJos and hung out. […]


By the time you read this, Debbie and I will have returned from our annual vacation in the Thousand Islands with our friends Frank and Kelly. Don’t panic. This isn’t a story about our vacation. It’s a story about reality. Specifically, a reality both of our presidential candidates have chosen to ignore. You see, the Thousand Islands are an archipelago […]

That’s Life

They were just a couple of high school juniors on that cold January night, buddies getting together to finish a looming homework assignment. But just a few months later, they would become so much more — both of them forever linked with an annual event that exemplifies the best of what’s right about our small communities: perseverance, generosity, commitment. “I […]

From Where I Sit

Couple of “Attaboys!” to start off this week’s column. Ran into Hummelstown’s new police chief, Bill Ryan, at the annual “Taste of Hummelstown” a couple of Mondays ago and congratulated him on his appointment to that position as permanent chief following the retirement of longtime chief Chuck Dowell. As the longtime sergeant under Chief Dowell, Bill Ryan has worked to […]