Of all the surefire blockbusters of 2016, “Trolls” was probably the one I was dreading the most. If you’re a parent whose kids are this film’s target audience, you’ve probably been dreading it too. This is a film designed to revive an annoyingly cute toy line that we all thought we had left in the past. And the early […]

Tattoos at The bridge Ink’d With God

The scripture reading at The Bridge Church on Sunday, Nov. 13, was from Genesis 1:26-27: “Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness … male and female he created them.” Projected on a screen behind Pastor Justin Douglas was a poster with the image of person whose bare arm and fingers had been ink’d with […]

Red Nose, Green Light

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Derry Pays Piper

37 Percent Tax Hike A 37 percent tax increase looks to be coming to Derry Township residents as the township’s board of supervisors reviewed a proposed 2016 budget at its Nov. 15 meeting. The budget includes a proposed tax increase of 0.5415 mills for the real estate tax. If approved, the new real estate tax would be 1.9881 mills. The […]

But Where is Jason?


Family Still concerned The body discovered this spring in Lordsburg, New Mexico, does not appear to be that of 45-year-old Jason Shandor, formerly of Hershey. However, the news is of little consolation to Shandor’s half-brother, Dave Deimler, who is still concerned for Shandor’s well-being. The Sun published a story in its Nov. 3 issue regarding an unidentified body discovered by […]

Letters to the Editor

The presidential drama continues, even here in Sun Country. For example, the image you see here was taken Nov. 13 from a hot-air balloon during a recent flight from Hershey to Manheim. And the letter below came from a group of Milton Hershey School grads … Dear Milton Hershey Students, We wanted to let you know we are thinking about […]

Thank You

I apologize. With all the news swirling around both America and Sun Country, I forgot to do something I normally do early every November. I forgot to say “Thank you!” It’s been nine years since Debbie and I bought The Sun, and thanks to you, The Sun hasn’t merely survived the crisis that has overwhelmed much of the newspaper industry. […]

That’s Life

‘Wake Up’ Children learn how to speak from the adults in their lives, closely modeling the words and phrases we use and the way we use them. They hear and process everything we say, even when they develop that tricky teenage disorder called “selective hearing.” They’re still listening. And from their very first syllable until they leave the nest, they […]

From Where I Sit

Always a busy time for me with the approach and passing of Veteran’s Day. As mentioned last week, it usually starts off with my giving the opening prayer for those who have gone before at State Rep. John Payne’s veterans breakfast. Then, our usual monthly meetings of the Central Pennsylvania WWII Round Table, Vietnam Round Table and Hershey Civil War […]

Castaway Critter of the Week

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