“Annabelle: Creation”

            We were first introduced to possessed doll Annabelle in 2013’s “The Conjuring,” where she was freaky, but inconsequential. She was spun off into her own prequel movie in 2014, which I didn’t see, but I’m told couldn’t scare a cockroach away from a spotlight. Now she’s getting another movie, a prequel to the 2014 one, which means the series […]

Where in the World?

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Last One Out

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‘She Loves Him, But’

Corruption Charge The 17-year-old Elizabethtown High School student who police say exchanged over 8,000 text messages with a former E-town teacher described him as “a best friend” and said that she “loves him.” Those details were part of an affidavit of probable cause obtained recently by The Sun in the case filed by the Lancaster County District Attorney’s office Aug. […]

A Lot of Regrets

“She was mad at me.” That’s what Donna Baumgartner remembers about her last conversation with her daughter, Ashley Wolf. Wolf believed her mother was meddling in her affairs. But all her mother was really trying to do was help. And then, a few days later, Ashley was gone. Another life claimed in what has become an all too common fate […]

Tax Break For Fire- Fighters

SLT Makes Moves South Londonderry Township supervisors are planning to offer volunteer firefighters and non-profit emergency personnel a break on their taxes if they respond to at least 25 percent of active calls or help out in other ways for a similar amount of time. The move was discussed at the board’s Aug. 8 meeting and stems from Act 172, […]

Letters to the Editor

It is with great sadness – but even greater pride – to report that two of our intern/employees are headed off to college. Alison Smith, who came from Lower Dauphin as a photography intern, is going to the University of Akron to continue her studies in photography. Isaac Ray, who came from Lower Dauphin as a reporting intern, is going […]


I am an idiot. Which, I’m sure, many of you have known for a long time. But since I’m an idiot, it took me a while to learn that lesson. The master class was my first marriage. Which earned me a divorce decree instead of a nice diploma. Ouch. And ever since then, I’ve been reluctant to tell anyone what […]

That’s Life

Fort of Wonders

There’s something about hiding inside a homemade fort that makes everyone feel like a kid again, no matter how old they are. Draping blankets over the kitchen table, propping pillows against overstuffed chairs, or building a makeshift tent outdoors are just some of the ways to create a magical world where the stresses of life magically disappear. Now imagine making […]

From Where I Sit

Regular readers of this column will know as I sat down to write it for the Aug. 3 issue of The Sun, we were awaiting some word from our realtor on Ocracoke Island, North Carolina, as to when we might be able to begin our vacation there. Seems the situation was a bit worse than first reported. The construction company […]